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Best practices for push notification campaigns testing

Web push notification - is one of the newest and trending formats of digital marketing. It has gathered momentum in the past three years. Push notifications have the highest CTR compared to other funnels. This advertising method is suitable for any offer. 

Here're some points that can help you to reach your business goals quickly:

  1. Plan your daily budget - push notification offers tons of traffic so limiting your daily spending is a wise decision. You can use Daily and Hourly limits which can be set in money or impressions/clicks. You can find more about limits in this article.
  2. Use best creative - understand what images and concepts are the most effective for your target audience. In Clickadilla we advise you to use Smart rotation - in that way rotator automatically defines the best possible creative (via CTR) after each creative receives a certain amount of traffic. After that, traffic will be directed only to the best creative.
  3. Increase uniqueness over the long run - set the max number of days from the date of subscription in the campaign creation window with Web push Ad.
  4. Find your "happy hours" - analyze your daily ad activity and find the best time to buy traffic due to audience behavior. Then you can optimize your campaign spending using Calendar limits - you can set up the amount of impressions/clicks or money you want to spend by specific days and hours.
  5. Follow the right bid - right bid will help you to compete other companies in ads auction. On your campaign page you can find a detailed graph of the dependence of the amount of traffic on the bid. You can use "Recommended bid" which is determined for your company targets and shows the optimal ratio of traffic to bid. Bids can change over time, so it’s good practice to check the relevance of your campaign bid every few days.
  6. Choose best sources - you can see the effectiveness of your advertising on each site in the Sites tab in the Self serve statistic section. Send sources you don’t need to the Black list or vice versa, add only the best to the White list of your campaign.