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White/blacklisting (targets and sources)

Advertisers use the White list definition to indicate the list of sites they have chosen to serve ads. Blacklists are lists of sites on which ads, on the contrary, will not be shown.

What's the point? Obviously to increase the performance of the advertisement.

Advertisers add to the blacklists sites with low-quality bot traffic, non-target audience and high bounce rate.

How to add whitelists / blacklists?

You can edit your Black/White list while creating campaigns.

Use tokens to collect statistics about visitors. You can find tokens here.

❓ You can always ask our support manager to check the correctness of you link.

If the advertisement is ready, then activate the campaign and get at least several thousand impressions or a hundred clicks to obtain sufficient data to determine the effectiveness of the sources.

If you find rich sources with a steady stream of conversions, then add them to the whitelist.

💡 You will need more time to collect relevant statistics testing new offers.

Whitelists and blacklists can't be used in one campaign at once.

Don't hesitate to contact your personal manager or live-chat support.

We’re here to help you 24/7.