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Learn more about Limits

Limits are set in the last step of your campaign setup process:

In the first section, you can either set money or impressions limits:

Limits can be set by hours or days and determine the total amount of impressions or money that can be spent on this campaign.

Next, select the Date Range that would affect your limits:

Weekly Limits will help you narrow the traffic flow down to the particular hours in certain days of the week:

It is not necessary to fill calendar limits. It is the additional function that allows you to limit your traffic by specific hours and days.

Please note, that advertising costs may exceed the established limits by 10%. We don't recommend set up small limits less than $5 (in money or impressions equally). We do not refund exceeding of limits up to $5. If for technical reasons the limits are exceeded - we will return 90% expenses of the advertising costs that exceed this limit.