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Payment verification

When you pay with your credit card, sometimes your payment must be verified by our Financial Department.

To verify your credit card, please, contact your personal manager. If you don't have one, you may contact our Customer Support Department.

Then, you need to send via live chat or social media messenger the following info:

1. Photo of your card's both sides, which you used for a payment;

2. Your ID's photo.

3. Selfie with your passport and paper "ClickAdilla top up".

4. IO doc.

*P.S. You can cover some of your card's numbers in the middle (format: 0000 xxxx xxxx 0000) and your CVV on the other side.

Our platform provides clients with safe service for all sides. That's why each client needs to send docs for us to be verified in the system via this one method.

Thank you very much for understanding!