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Types of traffic limits

You can limit your campaign by the amount of money or impressions (depends on the limit type you've set). Both of the limit types can be set for:

  • Each hour.
  • Each day.
  • Total limit for the whole campaign.

You don't have to set all the limits we provide for the same amount of money or impressions. For example, if you set the total limit of 5 USD and the daily limit of 5 USD, the total limit will override the daily limit, so the traffic will stop once the total limit is reached.

🔰 We have calendar limits which cap traffic for each specific hour of the specific weekday. Please, note that the ClickAdilla timezone is GMT/UTC +0 hours. So, if you would like to set traffic limit for the exact hour in the place, which has a different timezone, keep in mind the time gap between the two time zones.

🔰 Set 0 (zero) in the cells to exclude receiving traffic in that time.