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What are the requirements for the content on web push creatives?

Push notifications are one of the most attractive ad types now. We're happy to provide as much of your ads as you want to devices all over the world, but we have some rules to keep our publishers giving us top quality traffic.

    1. Device damage threat

This one will be declined because of misleading as it's pretty aggressive and it says the computer definitely has some errors.

This one is OK: it has same Icon and Image, though it states only a probability of computer damage.

     2. All sweepstakes with card data request are prohibited!

     3. System alert imitation

It's prohibited to imitate system messages. This concerns imitated alerts from Windows, Adobe, Google, etc. containing messages like "Update your system", "Adobe Flash Player is out of date".

Play icons usage in Icons and Images is prohibited.

It's OK to use third party apps, messengers and social networks icons.

You can use alerts with a suggestion to update system, clean up HDD space or tweak the device 

Also the images and text of your advertisement must fully comply with our content requirements for advertisements.