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What is Traffic DSP?

Traffic DSP is a service that allows advertisers to integrate third-party traffic sources and manage their advertising accounts through ClickAdilla’s interface. It is a demand-side platform for automatic programmatic media buying based on a real-time bidding (RTB) auction. 

You only need to have an account at a third-party traffic source to get its traffic for the campaigns you create, set up and manage at ClickAdilla interface.

You create campaigns only 1 time and monitor them in 1 place.

The advertiser should have an advertising account at third-party traffic sources to work with them. All financial calculations for external traffic sources are also carried out by the user independently.

What’s the difference between direct buying and RTB auction?

Unlike direct buying, the real-time-bidding system is flexible. Since the price is not fixed for each campaign, you get traffic at an optimal price, which is much cheaper.

Why use ClickAdilla’s DSP?

● saves lots of money since you do not pay ad networks the margin of the traffic;

● saves advertisers’ time when running several campaigns on various platforms;

● It is convenient since you see and control all your advertising activities and statistics in one interface and can manage them altogether or separately;

● It gives additional possibilities on third-party sources’ traffic filtration via ClickAdilla DSP filter tools;

● You are provided with a personal manager ready to assist you any time you require.

While using Traffic DSP you only pay a fixed price for the service, not for the traffic. 

Thus, you can choose any third-party traffic supplier that supports RTB or XML and integrate it as a third-party SSP. 

For more information about connecting multiple traffic sources, please contact Support or ask your question in a live chat.

Click here to learn how to set up Traffic DSP.