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Marketplace is a platform for buying flat traffic deals.

Now you can create a campaign on our platform, or can contact the account manager to make a flat deal or direct-sale (all the same - sale of the whole spot). In the first case, the user participates in an auction and gets traffic if his bid is higher, in the second case he gets traffic anyway.

Now it is the same in our case, we have prepared formulas and logic for offer generation beforehand, we packed all our offers and put everything on one page. And if the user needs a lot of traffic, he just go to the page and choose what he needs.

You can send a request for a flat deal in a few clicks.

How does it work?

There is a new section in the left sidebar called Marketplace.

On this page - at the top - a banner, which describes the main benefits of the Marketplace (after closing the banner will not appear again)

Just below, the basic filters that would make it easier for the user to find the deal that interests him

Under the filters is a list of deal cards that contain basic information about the site, the placement, and the deal. In the deal card header it is possible to change the number of days for which the person wants to buy the deal.

Note: In future it will be possible to choose the amount of traffic the user wants to get. Depending on whether it is days or impressions, it depends on what we will give the user in his deal - the amount of impressions or the number of days on this playlist)

After the user presses the buy button and sees a window where he can check what exactly and for how much he is buying this deal and can also tweak the volume a bit. After confirming the deal, he will see a confirmation window and we will see his request in the chat, after which we will contact him and launch the campaign.