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Changelog October 2021

1. We have started the redesign of the personal account:

2. In our personal cabinet we added a new function- it returns previous settings during the creation of a campaign:

If you accidentally exit the campaign creation menu, you can easily get your settings back. Also, if you don't like this feature, you can disable it by checking "Don't show anymore".

3. In the personal cabinet we added the option to select all premium sites:

All premium websites that will appear, will automatically be added to your campaign.

4. In the personal cabinet added a more informative display of premium sites:

Now you can see for each site: Global Rank; Total Visits; Time on site; Page/Visit.

5. For the Popunder format added the option to select Smart CPM:

You can read more about Smart CPM in this article.

6. In the personal cabinet added a display of payment methods that you can use in Robokassa and Coinbase:

7. When recharging via credit card, we started to charge a fee of 3% for the recharge amount: