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How to integrate conversion tracking with Kintura?

Here are a few simple steps of integration:

  • Add Clickadilla as your traffic source on Kintura
  • Set up campaign on Kintura
  • Create you ad and Set up Campaign on Clickadilla.

1. Add Clickadilla as your traffic source on Kintura 

You need to create the traffic source element on Kintura to be able to set up a campaign:

  • Go to Traffic Sources.
  • Click the New Traffic Source button. 

Now you can fill the creation form to help tracker understand what kind of data it will receive in our tracking parameters. You don't need S2S Postback URL to track your data.

Click "Plus" button and add all of our tracking parameters in you need to get data from and save your new traffic source. Don't forget to choose "Track" option near each token to activate tracking. 

Click the Save button.

2. Set up campaign on Kintura

Go to Campaigns tab and click the New campaign button to create your new campaign.

Set your campaign active by clicking switcher on the top of the form. Do not forget to choose your Clickadilla traffic source as traffic source for your campaign. You can find a detailed description of the process of creating a new campaign in the Kintura's documentation.

After you saved your campaign you can copy Campaign URL from the Campaign Links & Code bar.

URL has all tokens and parameters you've set up in your traffic source. 

3. Create you ad and Set up Campaign on Clickadilla

Log in to your Clickadilla advertiser account and create your Ad and Campaing. This video will help you to create a campaign easily and quickly.

It's important to user Campaign URL you've received from Kintura campaign as your Ad URL. Please add tokens to the link using the parameters and the tokens themselves in the same form as you specified them in the tracker:

Example: https://campaign_url/?domain=[DOMAIN]&price=[PRICE]&pm=[PRICING_MODEL]