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What are the requirements for Gallery ad?

Gallery is a format designed for tube site owners.

Your ad will be placed on special aggregator sites / CJ tubes (you can select these sites as a target in your personal account) that visually repeat the design of the tube site, but in fact are not.

Customers see your ad / thumb on it, click and go to your site (real tube site) from which they are shown the video.

The minimum deposit amount to launch a Gallery campaign is $200.

Pricing model - CPC. Min price - $0,003.

Only websites are used as targets, but countries will also appear soon.

Let's take a look at the creative features of this format.

Name - the name of the creative

Content Feed Name is the brand of the tube site. Limited to 23 characters.

(example: yourdomain)

Content Feed Url - the feed should follow the following structure:

video_id | Title | URL | Video duration | date | categories, tags | models | embed code | main_screenshot|,

where | models | is an optional requirement.

Provider website - tube site URL (example: