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What's the difference between RON and Premium sources?

There are different targeting options on our platform and one of them is the site selection. When setting up an advertising campaign, you have the opportunity to choose between premium sites and RON.

Premium - it’s the traffic that we get from our exclusive partner TubeCorporate. Selecting Premium you can choose one or several of the sites from which you would like to buy traffic. 

Run of Network (RON) - a wide collection of websites without the ability to choose specific sites. You can then blacklist or whitelist websites.

What’s the difference?

There are no great differences in the campaign creation process. All of the targeting options are available for both cases. Let’s compare bids and impressions, choosing the same targeting in both cases.


  • Ad Format: Banner 300x100
  • Ad Placement: Mobile header
  • GEO: France

We have selected 3 sites:,,


All the same except for sites.

As you can see, the second option gives more impressions, CPM is lower.


In case you start your first campaign, we advise to select All sources. After the tests, look at the statistics. Add to the white list resources, which give you more conversions and add to the blacklist not relevant sites. 

We advise advertisers to pay attention to the price box. The higher your bid, the more traffic you will get. CPM depends on GEO, targeting options, traffic sources and competition. 

Except the above, test different ad formats, creatives and you will find most finest traffic sources for your niche.

Hope you will find most suitable sites for your ad, get high conversions and increase your income!