How to launch profitable Web Push Ads with traffic for India


India has an enormous online advertising market and advertising costs will skyrocket in the coming years. Web push is an effective ad format that can generate leads and increase sales online. If you know how to properly use this ad format, you can achieve a huge ROI. 💰

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Push ads. Are they effective?

Having appeared back in 2014, Web-Push notifications are still alive. Over the past year, the interest of advertisers in them has slightly decreased, but their effectiveness is also at a high-level. High CTR and almost 100% visibility are distinctive features of this ad format.

In this article we would like to talk about push advertising in India. Millions of active subscribers are waiting for your ad. Further, there will be statistics and tips for launching an effective ad campaign. Let's go!

🔰 In case you have no idea what Push advertising messages are, then we recommend to start with our article about push ads advertising.

From India with love

Digital advertising industry of India is growing from year to year. But compared to other Asian markets, the Indian market is still underdeveloped. Expected that in the next 5 years, the fast-growing advertising and entertainment market will fill that gap. According to the Statista forecast, advertising spending in India will increase from $ 2.3 billion to $ 2.8 billion next year.

Advertising spending is predicted to rise 23% in India in 2021

This is a very optimistic outlook considering that growth this year was only 5%. What will be the source of this growth? As in previous years, growth will be driven by the growing middle class, young urban population and deeper Internet penetration.

Ad spending statistics and forecast


Another good indicator is an average ad spending per internet user. In addition to general advertising spending, users are projected to spend more on goods and services purchased online. Growth by category: 10% for banner ads, 11% for social media ads, 12% for search ads. The figures are approximate, but the trend is clear - the population is getting richer and online shopping is becoming more popular.

Programmatic Media buying

Currently, programmatic advertising makes up 41% of alldigital media spending in India. This figure will increase over time, as the technology of buying traffic through ad networks makes it much easier for advertisers to buy traffic. Smart optimization, flexibility of targeting options and greater control over ad campaigns increase advertising efficiency and increase profits.

Web push asd is an excellent ad format for advertisers to increase their profits.

We’ve created the following features to maximize your income with Push Ads in ClickAdilla:

💡 Smart CPM

Bidding feature, that allows advertisers to reduce costs. It is based on CPM (cost per mille) model, but has one important benefit. The Smart CPM evaluates your bid and makes it the lowest possible.

The easiest way to understand how it works is through an example. There are 2 advertisers who compete in an auction for an ad slot. The first advertiser set a bid at $0.05, the second - at $0.11 The second advertiser won that auction and Smart bidding set his bid approximately at $0.06.

💡 Smart Rotator

Smart rotator - feature that automatically defines the best creative (via CTR) after each creative receives a certain amount of traffic. After that, traffic will be directed only to the best creative.

💡 Lifetime targeting

You can show your ad notifications only to newly subscribed users. Set the number of days from the date of subscription in the campaign creation window with a web push ad.

Device usage statistics 2021

India is the leading GEO in ClickAdilla traffic inventory. We provide around 1 billion clicks daily only with web push ad format. Traffic costs are low for India. For $1 you can buy 100K impressions or 200 clicks, depending on the payment model you choose.

Min CPC $0.005 | Min CPM $0.01

Total clicks daily: 949K

Desktop Users: 8.6K

Mobile Users: 938K

Tablet Users: 2.3K

Mobile Android Users: 940K

This data is current as of December 29, 2020.

The share of mobile phone users is much higher than desktop users. Android is the most common phone operating system As you know, push notifications don't work on Apple phone browsers. If your audience is iPhone users, then you can run ads with In-Page ad format.

We recommend buying push traffic at the lowest rates. It only makes sense to increase your bid if you need to increase the traffic for your campaign.

💡 You can check a traffic volume, min and max bid for any GEO with the Traffic Chart.

Push notification best practices

Push messages can be suitable for any niche. Specifically for India and taking into account the topics of our sites, we would like to highlight the following offers:

Male enhancement products

The Indian nation is one of the most sexually active in the world. It is a fact. And to improve sexual performance, they are ready to buy pills like viagra or testosterone boosters. Penis enlargement gels are also in high demand. Good pay-per-sale coupled with cheap traffic will bring you a huge ROI. Be sure to use pre-landing pages, they increase conversion by 50% on average. Check out this case study with Titan gel and banners.


SOI and DOI sweepstakes

Sweepstakes are giveaways in which the winner is determined by a special algorithm. These kinds of offers are extremely popular. You probably heard or even worked with this vertical. Win an iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy or get an Amazon gift card - are the most well-known examples.

SOI funnel is very simple. Users just need to insert email and some personal info to complete the conversion. Thus newcomers prefer to start with such affiliate offers. However, payouts for leads are small and rarely exceed $1.

The key difference between SOI and DOI is that a single opt-in doesn’t require an e-mail confirmation, and a double opt-in does require it.


Dating offers

Dating is very popular in India. Many meet and get to know each other through dating sites and apps. There are tons of dating offers and it’s quite difficult to choose one. One of our clients used a dating smartlink and traffic from worldwide. This is a good choice to test different GEOs and several offers, which are selected by a smart algorithm. Take a look at this case study.

Choose CPL offers with a 1 or 2 click flow. This is the most lucrative option for Tier-3 GEOs. Learn more about payout models here. The payout for leads is low, but it will pay off due to the large number of conversions. The message format is great for dating. Make your message look like a real person's and you'll get a great CTR and a lot of leads.


We allowe to use soft erotica images in push notifications.

Mobile apps, games and browser utilities

India is leading Google Play store in 2020 in terms of the number of downloads. If you have your own application in Google Play, then you can significantly increase the number of installs. An average cost per install with our traffic is below $0.5. Cleaning apps, games and antiviruses performing well with indian push-traffic.

💡 India has two official languages: Hindi and English. If either of these languages is not your native, then use Google Translate to create creatives in both languages.


Examples of creatives

Note that we don’t allow misleading creatives and tech support offers.

Please, see the list of prohibited content on web push creatives.

You can use the following examples of notifications:

“Your Samsung is running sluggish”, “Extend battery life on your Xiaomi”, “New free antivirus”.

💡 Personalize your message indicating the user's phone model in the message.

Gambling & Betting

India has a ban on offline casinos, poker and sports betting except for 3 states: Goa , Daman and Sikkim. Online casinos do not fall under this rule and work successfully.

The Indian market is developing rapidly, more and more residents of the country make sports bets and play in casinos. There are many local and globally renowned companies. The most common payment model is CPA. You get paid for the first time deposit. Choose the one with the best conditions and a high percentage of transitions from registration to the deposit. Terms in each affiliate program may differ. Read the advertiser's terms carefully.

Use pre-landers with success stories, like a Slumdog Millionaire. They increase conversions significantly. Indians dream to get rich quickly like many people on our planet.


Richest cities in India in 2020











It’s not a problem to reach your audience in a specific city or state with ClickAdilla targeting options. Select the richest cities in India to get more valuable leads.

💡 Generate huge profits targeting wealthy audiences.


I would like to pay special attention to Bengaluru. Also called ‘Silicon Valley of India’ it’s one of the fastest growing IT startup hubs in the world. This city is significantly different from the rest of the cities of India. If you have been here, you will agree that some neighborhoods are similar to New York. Half of the residents work as IT engineers and have an MBA degree. The concentration of wealthy people in this city makes it attractive to advertisers. They can definitely afford to spend more, so feel free to promote expensive quality products.

Who buys web push notifications in ClickAdilla?

✔ Brand / Product Owners

✔ Mobile app developers

✔ Affiliate Marketers

✔ Ad Agencies

✔ Ad Networks

Benefits of web push ads in ClickAdilla:

☑ Low bids

☑ Quality leads: 100% human traffic

☑ Exclusive subscribers base

☑ Large volume: 1 billion impressions monthly (India)

☑ CPC payment model

☑ Wide range of targeting options

Smart rotator

Smart CPM

Lifetime targeting

☑ Total, daily and hourly limits in impressions or money


Push messages, which many predicted death, are still alive and feel pretty good. This is a user-friendly and highly-engaging ad format that can be used for almost anything.

India is a promising GEO with a large number of internet users. By choosing the right product and setting up your campaign correctly, you will get a profitable sales funnel.

Don’t hesitate to contact your account manager on Skype. He will give advice on how to set up an effective ad campaign. Or ask live-chat support for technical information.We’re here to help you 24/7.
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