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Push traffic on CPC

We are happy to announce, that you can buy push traffic on CPC model on ClickAdilla. Read More

How to start your first advertising campaign | Video guide

You'll find information on how to set targeting options, limits, top up account and look at the statistics! Read More

Add your company details in Clickadilla!

Dear advertisers, now you can add your company details in the ClickAdilla network. If you present Ad network - you can always add information about it! Read More

Source of the month!

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Updates in the self-service statistics

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VAST vs. VPAID | Video In Stream ad standards

We would like to tell more about VAST & VPAID tags and opportunities of video ads. Read More

Huge number of new traffic sources in Clickadilla!

we are pleased to announce a large number of new traffic sources that have been added to Clickadilla arsenal! Read More