Smart Rotator for Push Notifications

This is a smart tool for campaign auto-optimization. Smart Rotator helps to choose the best-performing creative.

  1. First of all, create Web Push ad and select Smart rotation.
  2. Create ad sets include such parts as: -icon, - picture, -title, -body. It’s optional, you can add, for example, only icon and text.
  3. Maximum you can upload up to 5 ad sets.
  4. Then, create push campaign on CPC or CPM model.
  5. As soon as the campaign is launched, the traffic is evenly allocated between all creative sets. Smart rotator conduct A/B test.
  6. After each ad set get a certain number of impressions, the system compare CTR and the best one gets traffic.

Smart Rotator is available on our Self-Serve Platform.

Try it now and share your experience with other advertisers!