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In this article we will find out what affiliate marketing and adult website advertising are.

If you read this article then we bet you are interested in starting to work in affiliate adult marketing.

In this article we will find out what affiliate marketing and adult website advertising are. Surely, we will give you some useful tips for avoiding usual mistakes which can be made by advertisers. While we were writing the article, we thought about the newcomers, who desire to become affiliates but do not know what to start with.

What affiliate marketing is?

Affiliate marketing is product advertising through affiliate marketers. Simply put, it is a customer acquisition for an online business that doesn’t belong to an affiliate. Advertisers get monetary rewards for the conversion flow. There are 3 main sides of affiliate marketing:

Adult affiliate networks are the platforms for making ad campaigns. A network is an intermediary between the marketer and the offer's owner. Surely, affiliates may advertise the products directly, though networks can simplify the process of ad and make it even more effective. There are plenty of adult affiliate networks and plenty of adult ad networks. but we tell you the benefits of taking ClickAdilla’s services:

  • You can find the variety of  tools  to create your ad campaigns.
  • Your personal manager supports you with the technical side of the issue. You can also ask how to raise the traffic. 
  • There is a quick money turnover on ClickAdilla.

Verticals of adult affiliate networks. Verticals and offers are not the same thing so let’s figure out the terms. Offers are particular products that you advertise.

And verticals are similar offers that belong to one particular niche.

There are different specifics of advertising different verticals, you can read about it in other articles on ClickAdilla.

There are some verticals on Clickadilla:

  • Sweepstakes (drawing Iphones or money etc);
  • Nutra (remedies for weight loss, potency medicine, enlargers, skin care etc.);
  • Gambling (sports betting, online casino, poker rooms etc);
  • Pin Submits (subscriptions);
  • Installs (games, utilities and other offers for downloading a product);
  • Dating (casual dating and dating mainstream);
  • Adult content (adult website advertising like porn sites, webcams etc).

An affiliate marketer can attract the target audience to products. The main task for him or her is to make users do any target action like:

  • to sign up
  • to add profile information
  • to make a purchase

The advertiser can reach it by understanding the tasks. Firstly, an affiliate finds a product for promotion. The next step is to analyze the target audience, to find out how the product can help to solve the problems of potential customers.

When the marketer understands the audience’s needs and specifics, he or she can conclude the main benefits of the product, which can be attractive for users.

Experienced specialists know how to analyze competitors’ creatives and identify pros and cons. The final step is to make several advertising campaigns to observe the traffic and grow the profitable one.

Types of payment options

As we mentioned above, affiliates get the income depending on conversion flow. Here is the list of the types:

  • CPI, or in other words cost per install. The target action is installing an app. So you get the payment for each website’s user who clicks on your creative and gets the app that you advertise.
  • CPL is the cost per lead. 
  • CPS means the cost per sale. It may be a fixed payment or the percentage from the sale. 
  • CPA is the cost per action. It means you get the income for target actions like signing the account up etc. It is one of the easier ways to get the conversion because users prefer to do simple actions. 
  • CPM means the cost per mile. It is one more easy type to start with.
  • CPC is the cost per click.

In this article we offer you to learn more about pop and push traffic formats. The formats suit beginners as well, so pops and push notifications may be a great choice to plunge into affiliate website advertising.

What is pop-traffic?

Though pop has been gaining older for years, there is still a high potential.

We bet there is no one who has never faced popunders. When you open a website link, you can see an unexpected landing page with different offers. Some affiliates consider popunders as a less effective format than other ones, though it is a mistake. Pops have been staying in the market for a long time, so surely the format has changed many times. Such changes are usual for all types of ad, because users can get used to creatives. So marketers should always look for new ways, test new ad campaigns to improve traffic. With no doubts, popunders still give great possibilities to grab the profit, so let’s go step by step to learn more about pops differences.

So what are the popunders? Popunderss and pop-ups are the same ad format, though there are some differences. The ad appearing up or under the new window is called pop-traffic. Pop-ups are the advertisements that are shown up the opened site. And popunders are the ads that are published under the opened website page.  

Obviously pop-ups are more annoying ad format and it is better if you have some skills to get high ROI performance. The matter is your target audience may be irritated with pop-ups, so users may close it after a quick glance with no waiting for a creative to load properly. As we want to help the newcomers to figure out the information about pop-traffic, we won’t talk about pop-ups. Let’s give the preference to popunders.

Popunders are more viewed in comparison to the previous ones. Such a pop type lets a user watch the sites’ information with no interruption before appearing. The format does not bother so much, so your potential customers are in the right state of mind to get to know your advertising adult campaign.

To give you the full data, we can add some information about one more pop which is referred to as clickunders. It’s pretty similar to popunders, but the ad is shown by clicking any site’s location.

Anyway, we can confirm all pop formats can bring high results on the assumption of choosing suitable offers. Now when you see the difference of pop-traffic we go deeper into the format.

Pros and cons of pop-traffic

Pop-traffic became the first step of the acquaintance with affiliate adult marketing for many marketers. Some specialists continue working with the format and there are plenty of reasons for the trust to pops. Here is the list:

The benefits

One of the easiest formats to start. You do not need a lot of skills and knowledge to make ad creatives or to prepare banners. The only thing to make is a landing page. 

Low prices may also be a convincing reason for using. They say good things may not cost cheap, but this rule does not include pop-traffic. The prices are based on the CPM model, which can be called, in other words, as cost per mile. It means you can pay for 1000 showings to the website's users. As you already know, pops imply clicks on landing pages, so you probably think the format is closer to the CPC model. Yeah, we can relate it, though the CPM model is more suitable for pop-traffic.

High audience reach. Pops are used for sites with plenty of users. All of  them are versatile and you can try different offers. So let’s add to this point that there is plenty of traffic.

Pop-traffic is adapted for various devices and platforms.

You can avoid banner blindness with pops. It is complicated to ignore the ad format.

The flaws

Pops can be annoying for website’s users. But it isn’t so complicated to solve it by fixing the frequency of showing. The key is not to overfeed the audience. We can recommend you to start working with popunders, because, as we wrote above, pop-ups imply some skills in affiliate marketing.

What is push-traffic?

Push notifications are relatively new ad  - about 10 years, though the format has been growing in popularity for the last 5-7 years. The format looks like a standard notification which consists of a small “profile” image, headline, short text message and the picture to catch the attention.

Push notifications lead to a landing page being opened after a user clicks on it.

It would be more accurate to say that push notifications are some kind of banners to attract attention.

So push notifications differ from pops because the format implies a potential customer to do the target action - clicking on the notification banner. While pops appear during a site load.

Pros and cons of push-traffic

A lot of affiliates begin working in adult affiliate marketing with pop-traffic, though push-traffic is the same popular one for the newcomers. Let’s figure it out the list:

The benefits

The low costs. The prices can be attractive for beginners, who are not ready to make large budgets at the start. You can buy the traffic by the CPC model.

No bots. Users should make a website subscription before getting push notifications, so you can be confident your creatives are shown to alive people only. Though if a website’s owner decides to boost bots then adult affiliate networks can analyze it with the tools. As you can see ClickAdilla guarantees stable work for pops and push-traffic both.

A high viewability. Push notifications are hardly lost among other ads, because of the ad location on screens. For example, mobile users get the pushes at the top of the screen where they see standard notifications. That’s why there is no banner blindness.

The format can be shown on different devices and platforms.

There are users who have never faced push notifications, so they click on the ad creatives more often. You can not fix targeting, though the audience is tolerant to ad, because it was their own decision to subscribe to the websites.

The flaws

Users can get used to the ad. The issue can be fixed by making breaks. Let the users spend some time with no watching the offer. If you work with many offers, then you can replace the campaigns and show other ones.

Useful tips

As we have already mentioned the verticals, we offer you some tips to grab even more traffic from pop and push formats. One of the main keys of a successful campaign is the right pictures and texts. All the recommendations can be meaningful for pops and pushes both:

1. No photostocks. Perfect pictures do not help you to raise the trust of users to your adult advertising. The tip can be especially useful for dating and webcam offers. Give the preference to natural pictures with small imperfections. 

2. Tastes differ. One more recommendation for dating and adult verticals. Try to take different photos of different women. Never forget someone adores skinny blondes and others are attracted to plus size brunettes etc.

3. In addition to different tastes. Do not focus on female pictures, male photos can be the same effective.

4. The last recommendation for previous verticals. Better to take teasing images, like half-dressed models

5. If we talk about nutra then there are a little bit more difficulties. Show the result before buying the product and after. 

6. If you are going to advertise nutra vertical, then you can choose the pictures with the demonstration of the problem to solve. For example the pictures of knee pain. But do not forget about giving preference to more real pictures with no plenty of photoshop.

7. If there is an offer of a popular product, then you can use logos. It can help you to attract those users who have already heard about the brand. So you can assure them to try finally. The same tip for the pictures of popular webcam models if it’s affiliate adult ads.

8. The main tip for working with nutra offers is to show the guarantee. You can convince potential customers by writing about doctor’s recommendations or customer’s results in detail.

9. The recommendation for gambling is visualization. You can show screens of profits and tell about special treatment to new users if there are some.

10. Dating and adult content verticals can become more clickable if you do not use plenty of texts. The specific thing is users prefer to see the visual part more than reading the huge wall of texts. So you can show the availability of communication with attractive people, satisfying the desires etc.

11. Do not forget the best ROI can be got from trendy offers mostly. As we can notice, the high ROI performance can be reached during the first days of the ad campaign. So we recommend you to observe the market to catch the most popular offers for advertising. If you have not enough skills at analysis, you can always ask your personal manager about hot offers.


As you can see, pops and pushes have pros and cons. You can compare and see that both formats of affiliate website advertising are quite similar. 

We recommend you to start testing both ones to find the most suitable traffic format for you.

Everything has disadvantages, so if you keep our recommendations for avoiding mistakes, you can make your campaigns keep profitable.

You can learn more information in the full guide articles for popunders and push notifications on ClickAdilla or to ask your personal manager.

We wish you to get high traffic performance and ClickAdilla is at your service to reach it effectively!


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