Make money with Affiliate marketing 💓 Affiliate Dating programs.

This vertical is one of the most popular, profitable and unsinkable in affiliate marketing. Because People never stop dating. According to the survey, conducted in the USA, 36% of female and 56% of male use or have previously used online dating sites or apps. Surprised?

There are approximately 320 million users used online dating in the world. And this number is constantly growing.

There are two categories of this vertical:

  • - Mainstream
  • - Adult

Mainstream dating refers to applications and websites where people find a suitable match based on common interests. However, adult category dedicates to meeting someone to have sex. The adult category however has a bigger turnover than mainstream one.

CPL (cost per lead) or PPL (pay per lead) — you get payout for lead (users registration).

There are 2 types of conversions: (SOI) and (DOI).

SOI (Single Opt-In) - The conversion is count once the user enters their email in the registration form. This payment model brings risk to advertisers due to poor lead quality — it’s quite easy to make an error while filling an email/phone number in a contact form. Taking into account this kind of risks, SOI-model doesn’t offer high payouts.

DOI (Double Opt-In) - this is the next step from SOI model and requires a user to perform one more action. 

Revshare — you get paid a certain percentage when a user purchases the membership. No matter how many registrations (leads) you bring unless they convert to paid members. Once they convert, you receive a percentage of the fee they pay.

PPS (pay per sale) — you receive a flat rate for each paid member you bring to the site/app. 

PPC (pay per call) — this model is similar to CPL, but induces the viewer to make a telephone call instead of registration. You can choose between revshare and flat rate per calls.

I’d recommend split test each payout form, as you never know which one works better for you. If you have a limited budget, then start with CPL and PPC. These models are the easiest to test and optimize. When it comes to Revshare, you should be patient and willing to invest quite a sum of money testing campaigns for several months.

Dating vertical is really worth a try.  And in conclusion, I would like to share these tips with you:

  1. Use landing pages. Sending traffic directly to the dating offers will most likely result in poor numbers. You can make a small survey for a user or just intrigue him with tricky questions that will make him sure that he needs to register there. Many networks provide landings. Ask the manager about it.
  2. Find the right creatives. Create and test at least 5 images and texts. Some networks also can provide them. Or you can spy on competitors via spy tools like SpyPush.
  3. Optimize your campaign. Let your campaigns run for a while and then create a black list of sites that doesn’t get you conversions. Find the best performing time, browser, carrier etc. After A/B tests scale your campaign.
  4. Push Notifications – a perfect format for dating offers. User get the message directly to mobile or desktop device, even if the website is closed.
  5. One test - one offer. Do not test several offers at once, take one. This way, you will have a clear idea of how good the offer is, how well your creatives are converting, and what ad formats are delivering the results. 
  6. Don’t try your luck at TIER-1. Find a Geo with the lowest level of competition. Payouts for leads on TIER-3 are lower, but the cost of traffic is lower too.
  7. Use a tracking tool. Our choice is PeerClick.

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