Push ad networks: useful tips to choose the best one

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The first step to advertise push ads successfully is looking for the best push notification ad networks. Find out the instructions in the article.

What are the best push notification ad networks? You may be admired that push notifications have the capability to amaze you with their numerous pros. They can ignite a great willingness to prominently feature your ads, ensuring they get maximum exposure and attention from your audience.

We appreciate your objectives and are dedicated to assisting newcomers in the process of selecting the best push notification ad network. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive guidance on making the appropriate choice, ensuring that you acquire the best traffic that aligns ideally with your specific goals and needs. Learn more below!

Push notification ad networks

Firstly, we suggest taking a moment to familiarize yourself with the terminology used here. This will help ensure that you have a clear understanding of the concepts being discussed.

Push ad networks are dedicated platforms that cater to affiliate marketers, offering them the opportunity to acquire traffic for their advertisements in a streamlined manner. These networks serve as effective hubs for efficiently obtaining the audience you need to promote your offers and products. Such ads platforms can simplify the process since they gather authoritative publishers.

What is traffic? In simple terms, these are internet users who visit various platforms such as websites, apps, and social media. That is, when we talk about driving traffic, we mean showing your ads to the audience.

Generally, traffic doesn't make much sense and let us explain why. The fact is that a marketer's goal is to attract conversions to the business. Conversions may be different target actions – let’s discuss it as well.

The models of payment

We will talk about the payment models that are the most popular.

CPC, which stands for Cost Per Click, is a payment type based on the number of clicks your ad receives. It's a widely popular method, particularly favored in the push notification format. 

CPM(Cost Per Mille) is payment for the number of views. As a rule, mostly you can see the cost for 1000 views, but you can face other quantities. We also want to add that payment for 1000 impressions can be called CPT (cost per thousand). This name is quite rare, but now you won't be surprised if you see CPT.

CPA is the cost for targeted actions. Target actions may vary, so there are several types of CPA - now we will tell you about them:

CPL is payment for leads. As a rule, signing up on websites is considered a lead. The model is also quite popular, so you will probably see it advertising push notifications.

CPI is the ability to pay for installation. That is, the target action may be application installations.

CPT – this format is not so popular, but we had to mention it so that you do not confuse it with CPT (cost per thousand). CPT can also mean the cost per time. As you can imagine, this format is usually found in video ads, so you pay for the duration of viewing.

As you can see, targeted actions may vary. We have listed only the main ones, but target actions can also be sales, orders, game duration, or completing levels. Payment models can be any actions that can be tracked and created statistics.

At this point, you possess a comprehensive grasp of how crucial traffic goals are, with ROI performance being the ultimate reward that every affiliate marketer strives for.

And the most convenient and effective way to access premium push traffic is through push ad networks. Now is the opportune time to start your journey into the world of ad platforms, where you can effectively promote and manage your advertisements.

Earnings on push ad networks

If you happen to own a website or portal, there's a great opportunity for you to generate income by making space available for advertisements. Your potential earnings will vary based on the volume of traffic you can provide to potential affiliates. The more traffic you can offer, the greater your income potential becomes in this regard.

To become a publisher, you need to choose an ads network and place a code on your website that will invite your visitors to subscribe to push notifications. This will not affect any changes to your site, so the design will remain the same.

Also, site owners can place a script to show push notifications on their own. You don’t have to offer advertising space for someone else’s ads - you can create push notifications to inform your users about site news, discounts, and promotions.

Affiliates can get profits from push traffic as well. This is an opportunity to reach a wider audience than on popular social media. Additionally, marketers can be sure that they will not encounter blocking, that is why this is an ability to experience versatile niches. Not only mainstream but +18 too.

Who faces push notification

How do push networks assess online users to decide which individuals should be targeted with advertisements?

Push notifications are native ads format, so push traffic is shown only to those who have approved deriving for push notifications.

Most webpages can apply a script to obtain the allowance for notifications. This is a good bonus for webmasters, as it is an additional possibility to earn good profits from their traffic source.

If the source owner decides to use the script for offering site visitors to agree for push notifications, then this happens in this way: people click on the site and see a notification about the agreement to notifications. If a person agrees, the code automatically applies him or her to the database of the audience. Push notification in applications is the same process.

When the agreement for push notifications is gotten, a person does not need to give his or her personal information. Therefore, many people may accept the ad.

As soon as the user agrees to a subscription, the script adds it to the database, and from that moment the user receives notification ads. At the same time, he or she does not need to constantly be on the site since the user sees notifications even if he or she does not use the application or does not visit the source that proposed the announcements.

How to select a push ad network?

Now you sorted out where push ad networks collect traffic from. But how can you determine the best ads platform?

We have gathered the parameters that will aid you to analyze the best ads network to begin with and purchase only high-quality push traffic. These are the criteria:

Interface. This does not affect the kind of audience that the ads network offers, but we still advise you not to avoid this measure. The point is that an intuitive understanding of the interface will provide you with the best and easiest introduction to affiliate marketing. This also affects the speed of work so that you do not have to spend a lot of time searching for the desired category, statistics, and settings.

If you are just starting your journey in affiliate marketing, then we recommend that you give preference to push ad network that provides a personal manager for you. You can always ask the manager for help on any ads issues to get advice and tips on creating a campaign and optimization. You may need this not only at the start of mastering affiliate marketing but also when you have enough experience. Many experienced marketers ask a personal manager to find more possibilities to get the best results. Also, the manager will always support you in mastering the network interface and you will quickly feel confident in the advertising processes.

Payment Methods. This point also affects your ease of using the platform. Before you start with the network, make sure that the platform provides a suitable payment method for you. We can also say that many platforms provide the opportunity of cryptocurrency.

Payment models. We talked about the types of payment models above, so you can choose the one that suits you. Some models are easier to work with at the beginning (for example, CPC and CPM). But as you get experience, you may decide to try other models to find the most effective advertising strategy and advertise different offers.

Minimum deposit. Probably, if you are just starting to explore affiliate marketing, you are not ready to spend a large budget. Over time, you may decide to expand your campaign and increase advertising investments, but at the start, the minimum deposit can become one of the decisive indicators.

Additional tools. This point can be quite useful if you want to receive the best quality of push traffic consisting of unique users. This is also a great opportunity to automate processes and get it easier to optimize your campaigns.

Availability of anti-fraud and anti-bot tools. This is a guarantee of the best type of traffic you receive. The fact is that some publishers do not neglect bots, so you risk wasting your investments. Push ad network solves this problem, as many ads platforms analyze traffic. Anti-fraud and anti-bot solutions can be third-party or owned by the platform. We recommend you ask managers whether there is a traffic analysis. Give preference to the ones that work only with verified, and authoritative sources.

GEO. We recommend choosing platforms that offer the opportunity to advertise in different GEOs. This will allow you to work with a variety of offers and determine which GEOs bring you the best results in clicks and conversions.

Why ClickAdilla?

We list a few of the main benefits of ClickAdilla:

+240 GEOs, including all Tier levels

user-friendly interface in 4 languages: English, Russian, Spanish and Japanese

thorough traffic checking with anti-fraud and anti-bot systems

13 adverts formats including push, as well as the ability of high-quality push

various payment methods including cryptocurrency

precise targeting so you reach your audience even more effectively

minimum deposit $50

your personal manager is ready to support you 24/7

additional tools for maximum conversions - you can learn more about them from other articles on ClickAdilla or by asking your account manager

At ClickAdilla, we truly appreciate our marketers, and we make it a point to regularly offer you the latest promo codes to make you happy. This is an incredible opportunity for you to improve your ROI!

May the force of push notification be with you on ClickAdilla!


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