Boost Your IPL Affiliate Marketing Campaigns: Indian Premier League 2023

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Boost Your IPL Affiliate Marketing Campaigns: Indian Premier League 2023

Specially for our users, we contacted MostBet Partners and prepared a big article on how to monetize your Indian Premier League 2023 affiliate marketing campaigns. Get all the insights in our article and increase your profits.


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IPL Overview

The Indian Premier League (Cricket) started on 1 April 2008. In terms of coverage and media rights prices, it is currently compared to the NHL and European football leagues.

The IPL season takes place in April and May, with 60 matches in the tournament. Each team plays 14 home and away matches. 4 teams go to the playoffs and play single matches. International companies are doing their best to draw attention to their brands. For example, at the beginning of the 2017 season, Amazon, Pepsi and Vodafone opened local offices.

Analysts put the current value of IPL between $5.5 billion and $6.5 billion.

On May 28, 2018, during the IPL final, Hotstar service set a world record for 10.7 million simultaneous stream viewers.

Preparations to get Indian traffic

The population of India was more than 1.4 billion people in 2022. It is the second GEO in terms of population. However, it is forecasted that in 2023 the country will take the lead from China, which had more than 1.45 billion people in 2022.

India belongs to Tier-3 group.

The national currency of India is the rupee. Meanwhile, dollars are highly valued even in small villages. That means that creatives in both currencies perform equally well.

As far as the language is concerned - English is in demand in mostly densely populated cities of India, but is unpopular among the locals. Thus, when running campaigns targeted on India, it is important to test the creatives on both languages.

Some affiliate marketers prefer making creatives in English since they are more interested in English-speaking Indians, who generally have higher income. Consequently there is a bigger chance that they will make a deposit.

Meanwhile, many affiliates are confused by the fact that only about 43% of the population has access to the Internet. But that should not actually stop you, because 43% of the almost 1.5 billion Indian population is approximately 690 million.

More than 92% of Internet users in India use mobile phones.

You are obviously wondering what they are searching for. We highlighted the top niches of the Indian digital market.


India’s TOP Verticals:


  • Nutra;
  • Gambling & Betting;
  • Dating;
  • Adult;
  • Crypto


Since today we are discussing IPL, let us move to Gambling & Betting verticals.

Gambling & Betting

What is interesting about gambling and betting verticals in India is the loyalty of local authorities to the niche. To specify, there is no strict legal regulation of betting in the country. That results in almost complete freedom of action. On the other hand, gambling is a little more complicated - many types of gambling are illegal. But at the same time, many of them are legal. There are thousands of online casinos and bookmakers in the country, which are licensed. That is an additional advantage for affiliate marketers.

Indians are gambling people. Moreover, this is true both in the case of rich Indians, many of whom are already VIP high rollers, and in the case of the poor, who want to get out of poverty.


Indians are not as fed up with advertising as Europeans or Americans, and are consequently more open to simple creatives. However, there are several rules in approaches.


Hindi is the official language in India. However, many Indians speak English. Especially those with higher education. As it was already mentioned above, it makes sense to make creatives in both languages.

* The language of the browser and OS should not be taken into account.

National peculiarity

Indians are open-minded, but if the banner depicts a person whose appearance is clearly Indian, then such a creative will convert better. At the same time, do not take it literally, portraying stereotypical ideas about Hindus. This can backfire.

Festive mood

Hindus love fun and festivities. Especially people with low income, since it helps them to escape from life's troubles. With this approach, even the losing Hindu is likely to keep playing.

* The use of religion in creatives is NOT recommended. This may result in negative reaction and waste of budget.

It is not recommended to use photos of local celebrities. But sometimes, it may take place. A photo of a Bollywood star in your betting creatives may work for the fans. Experiment!
It is not recommended to use photos of local celebrities. But sometimes, it may take place. A photo of a Bollywood star in your betting creatives may work for the fans. Experiment!



We already know that people in India like betting. Time to move on to the most popular sport here - cricket. Indian Premier League starts in April. So betting and especially cricket is a great opportunity for affiliates.

Indians spend about 7 hours on the Internet daily. 40-50% of this time they watch videos. Obviously, cricket broadcasts are even in bigger demand.

In 2023, the IPL runs from April 1 to May 28. For these two months, Indians will actively watch the broadcasts and reviews of the Premier League and try to find predictions for upcoming competitions. This is the hottest time for both betters and affiliates.

*The closer to the final, the more Indians are into betting.

Ad Formats

When deciding on ad formats, it is worth testing several options at a time. Among the most popular formats are popunder, banner, in-page & web-push notifications and live streams.


You may study each of them more detailed in the following articles:



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Creatives containing anything related to bonuses perform great in India in all verticals, including gambling and betting. The main thing is that your offer should be available not only to the rich, but also to the general population.

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Luxury elements

For the IPL and other gambling and betting offers use triggers of wealth and luxury. The best you can do is to use photos of wealthy Indians in good clothes, with watches, money and young women. Another way is to use images of local cricket stars, specific amounts won or bank transfers.


Use the rupee or the dollar. Do not forget about colors and mood. Keep in mind that Indians are smiling, open people. They want to experience positive emotions and give them to the world.

Group 8977 (1).png

Demonstration of easy and big money

One of the best working approaches in gambling and betting is “I could. You can too.” The Indian demonstrates that anyone can make money with this method, even a simple guy like him.



Cities are the first thing you should pay attention to. There are more than 20 million-plus cities in India, including Mumbai - 15 million, Delhi - 12 million, Chennai - 10 million and others. Target male audience. Since the majority of Indians access the Internet from their mobile devices - you may set it as a target (depends on your offer).

*You can target iOS owners only - it's more expensive, but the conversion rate for such users is higher.

When running an IPL betting campaign, make sure it is rotated all the time with no pauses. If you want to target mainly solvent part of the population - you may set the latest OS versions and device types versions.

Insights from MostBet Partners

As my colleague has already told, cricket is the most popular sport in India. No major betting team misses this event. We took the unloading for last year, and noticed that the number of deposits during the championship is significantly increasing. For example, from the SEO source, this figure has grown almost 2 times.

So it's time to prepare ad campaigns! We recommend running traffic for each match 2-3 days before it starts. You use team names, club symbols and photos of key players in your creatives. This will allow you to get into an interested audience. I remind you that you can always find promo materials for important matches in the Mostbet Partners personal account, in the «promo» section.

Our product has also prepared for the IPL and now Mostbet has a new ambassador in India - cricket star Andre Russell, a popular player and a favorite of the public. Russell was part of the West Indies team that won the ICC World T20 in 2012 and 2016. In 2013, he became the first bowler in T20 history to take four wickets in four consecutive overs.

63ff0f5561294_EN_AU (1).png

Prelends and banners with his image are already available in the Mostbet Partners personal account. Don't miss the chance to boost your conversion rate in India by using new creatives with a cricket star!

When launching ad campaigns, experiment with the settings. For some, they work perfectly for a wide audience, while other webmasters say that the biggest profit brings a point target for the playing regions.

Do you want more traffic? Include Bangladesh in your company! According to statistics from Mostbet Partners, the number of deposits from some sources at the time of the IPL in this GEO increased by as much as 3 times! Therefore, we strongly advise you to take a closer look at this region for the period of the championship.

If you still have questions, remember that you can always ask them to your personal manager! Well, if you are not all registered with Mostbet Partners, let us start now 👇

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We wish you good luck!


Guys, as you see the preparations are pretty simple for such a BIG and Profitable event as IPL. So, even if you’ve never tried working with betting offers - it’s a great opportunity to try because even mid-quality creatives and offers have bigger chances for conversions in this period.

👇 Follow all the steps and be one of the first to monetize big during the IPL 2023 👇

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