How to make $210 easily with affiliate marketing offers [Case Study]

#Case study


Take 3 minutes to learn how to multiply your money with affiliate marketing. Our client has kindly shared his case with us. You’ll learn about the profitable strategy that generates income right now. Get inspired!

CPA network: AdCombo

Offer: Titan Gel

Traffic source: ClickAdilla

Ad format: Banners

GEO: Japan

Period: 01/09/2020 - 30/09/2020

Costs: $58.47

Revenue: $210

ROI: 259%

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Earning money with affiliate marketing is still possible. And our client's case study proves it. He shared with us his success story to inspire newbies.

This is not an extraordinary approach and experienced affiliate marketers probably will not find something new in this material. But my goal is to show that even simple methods can bring you good money with a great return on investment.

Affiliate network and traffic source statistics

Choosing a reliable affiliate network is the crucial part. Since they pay you money. I have worked with AdCombo for a long time. They have a high % of approval and no problems with withdrawing the money I earned.

Regarding the offer, I opted for Titan gel - a well-known penis enlargement cream. I made thousands of dollars with Titan gel. I used Titan gel with different traffic sources and GEOs. I don’t know the secret of it, but the fact is - people buy it!

This time I’ve decided to try a new traffic source for me - ClickAdilla ad network. As I mentioned above, I’m currently working with other traffic sources. So this is a great way to scale a profitable strategy.

ClickAdilla is a great way to scale a profitable strategy.

Titan gel offer is available for several countries. I’ve decided to run a campaign for Japan as ClickAdilla has high traffic volume and low CPM rates for this GEO.

Use the Traffic chart to check the traffic volume, min and max rates.


Screenshot from ClickAdilla

I was running banner ads on CPM. I got traffic at a minimum rate - $0.02 per 1000 impressions.

I have not set any other settings in the campaign. Except for GEO, of course.

Regarding banner ads. I’ve spent most of my budget on the campaign with banners size 300x100 ($48.67). The rest is a campaign with 300x250 banners ($9.8).


You can put a checkmark in all placements.

And again Titan Gel showed an excellent result. Here is my stats from AdCombo for september.


Screenshot from AdCombo

Payout for the sale is $21.

As you can see, for september I’ve got 10 sales and earned $210.

This strategy can be easily scaled up within ClickAdilla ad network. I have not yet optimized this ad campaign, and have not compiled blacklists. So I’m sure it's no' the ceiling.


I started to drive traffic to 3 creatives at once. The CTR between creatives does not differ much.


Banner’s statistics

I have used the following banners:


I don’t make banners, I find them on AdPlexity. This is my favourite spy tool for searching competitors ads. It makes things a lot easier and saves tons of time.

All banners were directed to this pre-landing page:

Pre Landing page


Key Takeaways

✅ Scale up your profitable strategy using new GEOs, ad formats and traffic sources.

✅ Look for hot GEOs with a low competition.

✅ Use tools to spy for competitors and save your time.

✅ You can start making money online even with $ 50 in your pocket
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