🎃 Halloween activities in Affiliate Marketing


Halloween activities in Affiliate Marketing

In this article we will focus primarily on the biggest Halloween markets, analyze the best performing verticals and identify the ad formats we need.

Halloween activities are seasonal. Moreover, this holiday is not celebrated everywhere in the world. So, if you want your Halloween activities to succeed you should be confident about time when you start and GEOs you target.

🎃 In this article we will focus primarily on the biggest Halloween markets, analyze the best performing verticals and identify the ad formats we need.

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Ad Formats


The biggest market with a vast amount of possibilities for your Halloween activities is the USA. Based on the data from the previous years it has been calculated that a common customer spends around $86 on Halloween supplies in general. Meanwhile, the whole spendings reach $8.8 bln.

However, this is not the only market where you can succeed during the holiday. On the whole, there are several markets, which mainly include Tier-1 and Tier-2 countries. Here are Top 3 GEOs for each market:

English speaking countries:

● The United States

● The United Kingdom

● Canada

Spanish speaking countries:

● Spain

● Mexico

● Brazil


● Italy

● Germany

● France


● China

● Japan

● Thailand

For different countries it is recommended to use different approaches. If you would like to know more about it, check out our recent article about trends in creatives 👇

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It is not a secret that the approaches and creatives vary depending on the GEO you target. But the verticals you may work with during Halloween are the same for all markets. Take a look at Halloween’s TOP performing verticals:

🛍 E-commerce

Even though the online market is growing every year, the biggest spendings during Halloween are still on costumes, decorations and candies.

🕹 Gaming

🎰 Gambling

🧧 Sweepstakes

These three aforementioned verticals altogether take the second place among others in terms of popularity and the amount of marketing activities. All customers like discounts, giveaways and bonuses and these three suit perfect for such approaches.

❤️ Dating

Because of the hype around the holiday, dating campaigns also tend to convert better. Promotion of thematically designed landing pages for dating websites and programs will definitely bring you much benefits.

📱 Utilities

The way utilities vertical approaches succeed during October and November is similar to that of gambling and betting. Discounts, bonuses and coupons with thematically designed creatives will create a great mix of successful campaigns.

Here are some examples carried among previous year’s most successful campaigns:

most successful campaigns

Ad Formats

The combinations of GEOs and ad formats do not seem to change much on Halloween. So, you may use the following ad formats when working with these GEOs:

In terms of aforementioned verticals, popunder, in-page and banner will suit English & Spanish speaking countries, as also Asia. For Europe it is recommended to run popunder, in-page and native ad campaigns.

Check our previous articles for more details about approaches in these ad formats:

Banner ad format is so popular that there is even a term - banner blindness. Nevertheless, you will see banner ads at any website you visit. Why? - Because banner is a very adaptive ad format. So, following couple easy steps by creating your banner campaign for Halloween will bring you more conversions.

First of all, choose either all sizes available, or at least most popular sizes. This will guarantee that the ad will look attractive on mobile devices and desktop versions.

The Mainstream industry banner dimensions - 320 x 50 px, 300 x 250 px, and 320 x 480 px.

Adult - 300 x 250 px and 300 x 100 px.

Secondly, banners can be animated. Use it to make your ad more attractive. Keep in mind that video content is always more interesting for the user. Especially if you run adult campaigns.

Last but not least - buttons. While making your creative add a button visual element with a call-to-action phrase. It will definitely result in CR increase.

Learn more about banner ads here 👇

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Popunder is the very one ad format that brings good conversions and does not even need creatives. One rule, make sure that your landing page is relevant to the website you advertise at. Or at least make it look beautiful.

Want to learn more about popunder? Check out our related article 👇

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The other one suitable ad format is in-page. Looking as native as a general new message notification it is very converting.

The main advantages of the format are:

1. High CR;

2. Quick delivery speed (your ads is sent immediately to the user);

3. High involvement (in-page push appears on the screen of the user's devices and grabs the attention);

Learn more about features of in-page here 👇


The last ad format we would like you to pay attention to is Native ads. It is a banner with a title, which matches and looks like original content of the website. Native ads generally appears in the form of recommendation widgets. Consequently, such a native way of advertising puts the pressure from the user off.

Want to know more? Here is the link to our Native ad article👇

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For you to get maximum of your Halloween activities we prepared a list of the hottest offers of this October together with our partners:

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🎃 Halloween is a great time for affiliate marketing activities. To get maximum conversions, ClickAdilla recommends you to start preparations ahead.
Follow the steps in this article and boost your Halloween campaigns 👇

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