Affiliate marketing trends in creatives

Approaches in digital marketing are constantly changing. As a result, creatives in ad campaigns are changing as well. And since you want the audience to pay attention to YOUR ad, it is important to follow the trends. A common banner with advantages of your product would interest a user in the past. But today it is no longer enough. 

We prepared a list of latest trends in creatives and you will definitely find at least the one most suitable for you: aggressive marketing, directness, nativeness, minimalism, video content. Today we will consider how and why these approaches affect the customer and highlight successful examples provided by our partners - AdHeart.

With the surplus of the supply in the market, the ways of how companies and entrepreneurs reach the audience are becoming more and more aggressive. Good examples are large banners, pop-ups and video ads which you face before, during or after watching the video with actual content.

This may be annoying and distractive, however it is one of the most commonly used techniques to get the customers’ attention. On such creatives you may place direct call-to-action phrases like “Get this product now!”, “Buy today”, etc. However, with the flow of time these phrases appear to get less conversions. This happens because a user receives hundreds of such “messages” every day. In creatives with aggressive marketing approach you may provide user with a discount which is limited by the time. The advantage is that people will give your product or service a try. Thus, being implemented in the daily life of your audience, these products may turn people into loyal customers. The disadvantage is that the approach may result in users' negative emotions since no one likes to be pushed.

This technique is commonly used in such verticals as utilities, gambling and betting, subscriptions for adult and mainstream services. 

As mentioned above, most commonly used formats are pop-ups, banners, in-streams, push and in-page push notifications.

Important: ad formats may vary depending on GEO and offer you advertise.

Comments on trend changes in 2022 from Adheart’s specialists:

“Number of creatives with aggressive marketing approach increased by 5-27% depending on the region. The largest growth is observed in the countries of Latin America. We think this is due to the “opening” of a fresh market and the use of approaches that are outdated in other regions.”


Directness assumes turning directly to your potential customer. We will consider this technique in terms of affiliate marketing only. It is partly similar to aggressive marketing. Here you do not push the potential customer to buy, but still address the message directly to him/her. The advantage of this approach is that people tend to react more to messages addressed directly to them. This technique is widely used in nutra, dating, crypto and other verticals. For example, when running a campaign for dating offers, affiliate marketers use phrases like “Tired of being alone? Meet your couple here.” or “Find a couple in your city.”

Important: Addressing directly to a person is not enough. Think of his/her aches and how your product or service will help cope with it. Try to make your message simple but catchy.

Comments on trend changes in 2022 from Adheart’s specialists:

“Straightforwardness in creatives is growing due to better targeting settings. We can note an increase of 5-7% on average in different regions.”


Native creatives depend mostly not on the ad format you use but on the sources they are placed and the way they provide the info. It is not a very good idea to promote adult products on mainstream sources and vice versa. For instance, when reading news on a web site about finance, the user is potentially ready to see your ads about crypto courses. If you choose the sources by yourself, pay attention to how they are designed and make your creatives look similar to the web site. This will form the impression of nativeness and put the pressure from a person off. People often get annoyed when someone pushes them to buy something. Thus, the advantage is that people feel calm about your ads and tend to become more loyal with your product or service. On the other hand, your ads may not stand out from the actual content on the web site and probably attract less attention.

Comments on trend changes in 2022 from Adheart’s specialists:

“Personal approach is the basis of advertising. The use of creatives with this approach has been growing for the fifth year. Over the past year, this approach has been used more often by 6-12% .”


The level of minimalism in creatives has been constantly rising for the last few years. People are no longer eager to spend time on absorbing all the information you want to provide in your ads. Even physically it is challenging since the amount of ads is immense nowadays. Thus, affiliates focus more on simple, catch and short phrases to show the potential solution of a customers’ ache. This technique is applied in almost every ad format except for pop-ups, popunders and other formats assuming a big amount of info. The advantage is that a person will appreciate your concern about his/her time and will quickly understand whether it is interesting for him/her.

Important: Short phrases should give a direct and understandable message. It is better to run several campaigns with different wordings during the test period to understand which converts better.

Comments on trend changes in 2022 from Adheart’s specialists:

“Minimalism succeeds in developed regions. In general, this approach is not popular around the world (use in absolute numbers is falling), but in developed regions, the use of the approach is growing by 4-6% over the past year.”


As it was said before, the amount of ads people see every day is immense. Sometimes it is challenging to grab the attention with a catchy phrase or a colorful banner. That is why more and more marketers resort to video ads. These are interstitial ads, in-streams and motion banners. Video ads are commonly used in gaming, dating, adult, and betting verticals. A big advantage is that animated creatives catch the eye by themselves. The only advice: try not to overwhelm your video ads with the info and colors. You will get the maximum result if you take into account all aforementioned techniques and implement them in your video ad. 

Comments on trend changes in 2022 from Adheart’s specialists:

“The use of video content follows the development of high-speed Internet. The video trend is increasing from year to year. Over the past this indicator has grown by 14%. However, it should be noted that there has been some decline in the past, so this high percentage is due to the “low base effect.”

These were the latest trends and examples of creatives for affiliate marketing campaigns and you may find thousands of references at our partners - AdHeart. They will help you broaden your vision and prepare most convertible creatives in a short time. Be creative and advertise with ClickAdilla! 👇