Monetize your Holiday Campaigns!


Monetize your Holiday Campaigns!

Christmas and New Year are wonderful holidays. These holidays are especially beneficial for affiliate marketers. See how to boost your ClickAdilla's holiday campaigns!

Christmas and New Year are wonderful holidays. These holidays are especially beneficial for affiliate marketers.

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Why verticals do not matter
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What to refer to

Why verticals do not matter

Let us consider TOP 3 verticals for December:

👜 E-commerce

E-commerce is a №1 vertical for these holidays, because all people are looking for gifts for their friends and family.

🎰 Betting & Sweepstakes

Since people are in anticipation of getting something, they are more likely to try their luck at casinos and bets.

❤️ Dating

New Year is a holiday to celebrate with someone. And there are many people looking for a couple during this time period.

Actually, no matter what vertical you are working with since during the New Year time-frame they all convert good enough. During this period people are extremely focused on the following:

● Losing weight – healthy lifestyle;

● Quitting smoking – therapy, books, e-cigarettes;

● Finding love – dating;

● Getting in shape – fitness, workout;

● Finding a new job – adding skills;

● Budgeting – managing money, finances;

● Traveling – trips, vacation;

● Getting Married – finding wedding services;

● Kids – babysitter, tutoring, education, devices, toys.

These categories assume e-commerce, utilities, finances, nutra, etc. Thus, any affiliate marketing campaign in any vertical may be successful for the New Year if you know how to run it.

Ad Formats

Christmas and New Year do not affect the popularity of 3 convertible verticals:




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Naturally, your creatives should be designed in accordance with the event. Think of adding something holiday-related to your creatives. This approach will help you catch the user’s attention and not dive among other ads.

Watch this video to learn more about the design of creatives:

Frustrated of making the creatives? We will make them for you! Watch our video on how to get FREE creatives for your ads! 👇

What to refer to

For your better understanding of what to pay attention to and what bundle to choose, we collected statistics from previous year’s affiliate marketing activities at ClickAdilla. Take a look and make your choice!

top december 2021
top dormats
top geos 2021


To conclude, choose the offer for any vertical you work with, follow our advice on making creatives for your ads or ask your manager for the FREE creatives. Set the GEO and monetize your holiday’s campaign with ClickAilla! 👇

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