151 Million impressions of highly profitable popunder traffic


Popunder or Onlick ads is one of the most popular ad formats in our ad network. Their popularity is due to their effectiveness in increasing sales, generating leads, and the ease of launching an ad campaign. All you need is an engaging landing page and offer.

Great news, now you can get more Popunder traffic from our Premium sources:


TXXX . COM - a diamond in our inventory. It's one of the TOP-50 largest adult sites in Germany and USA.

We offer you an option to buy ALL TRAFFIC from a specific site on a flat rate. This is a great opportunity to leave aside other advertisers and increase your profits! Contact your account manager​ or live-chat support for details.

Popunder traffic from these sources have always been a highly profitable channel. So this is a great opportunity for you to get:

✔️ Fresh audience

✔️ High Conversion rate

✔️ Possibility to test new offers

✔️ More traffic to scale your Pop ads

✔️ 100% of Unique real visitors

Total traffic volume: 151 Million impressions monthly

Mobile and Desktop traffic

Take a look at the distribution of mobile and desktop popunder traffic by country. India significantly outperforms mobile traffic, while Germany is the leader in desktop traffic.

The total volume of mobile popunder traffic exceeds the desktop one by 6.5%. The distribution of web traffic in the world is almost the same. The share of mobile traffic is 48.25 %, Desktop - 46.93%. The remaining percentage comes from Smart TVs and tablets.


📱 Interesting fact: Over the past 10 years, the share of mobile traffic has grown from 3.8% to 48.6%.

In some cases advertisers specifically target mobile devices. It depends on the offer. For example, mobile traffic targeted to a mobile operator is needed to promote mobile subscriptions. This is a very popular vertical in our network.

Also, advertisers have access to more local geo-targeting by cities and regions. Which helps to create a strategy, based on users location. It might better understand user preferences in different places and increase the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

Popunder ads

Don't miss our article with an overview of Pop ads. There you'll learn how to increase your profit with this ad format. Also we recommend trying our CPA Goal. This smart algorithm is aimed to save your time and money.


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