GEOs in Affiliate Marketing

GEO is one of the most crucial components of any affiliate marketing campaign. It affects the creatives, ad formats and your decision making on which segments to target. There is always a way to simply translate existing creatives, but to get high-quality traffic, you need to learn to adapt them. But first, you need to pick the right GEO.

In today’s article we will consider GEOs which bring the most conversions and partly divide them into verticals. 

First of all you need to understand exactly what you are looking for. That is why, let us briefly rewind what are TIERS in affiliate marketing:

📌 Tier is a group of countries similar to each other. In affiliate marketing there are three of them: Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3.

Tier 1 - most developed countries with the highest standard of living.

What does it mean for an affiliate marketer? - With the right approach you will definitely get your money, since online payments are a part of daily life for people in these countries. Creativity is very important while running campaigns in these GEOs since people have already seen much and are rather hard to persuade.

Tier-1 countries include Canada, the UK, the US, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Ireland, Australia, Switzerland, New Zealand, the Netherlands and others.

Tier 2 - these are developing countries with smaller buying power. However, it is Tier 2 countries which form the biggest demand in almost all global markets. 

Tier-2 countries include Argentina, China, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Portugal, Israel, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Peru, Panama, Fiji, Brazil and others.

Tier 3 - countries with low level of income. Moreover, a big part of the population in the Tier 3 group does not have internet access. However, the traffic is very cheap here. Consequently, your campaign does not need huge investments at the start. One more advantage is that people from Tier 3 have not that big experience as people from Tier 1. So, even with the most simple approach you may get your conversions.

Tier-3 countries include India, Iraq, Moldova, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, Swaziland, Tunisia, Vietnam and others.

💡 *Advice: Take into consideration the legal regulations

Let us start from Tier-1 countries:

TOP GEOs: Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan;

Verticals: e-commerce, finance, dating, nutra, adult;

Ad Formats: popunder, banner, in-page.

Note that the volumes and the CRs are high. But the competition and bids are high as well. Meanwhile, ads blocking is a common case here. Play big, be creative and you will get your share.

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Now let us move on to Tier-2 countries. Countries in Tier-2 group vary significantly in terms of spending potential and  buying power of population.

TOP GEOs: China, Russia, Morocco;

Verticals: e-commerce, dating, sweepstakes, adult;

Ad Formats: popunder, banner, in-page.

Tier-2 is a good choice for both affiliate experts and beginners. You may find a country with big volumes and low bids, which still will generate you conversions. For advice and campaign optimization, please contact your personal manager.

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Tier-3 markets have big volumes with the lowest bid rates, however, the CRs are lower as well. But there are many possibilities for you here. In recent years the mobile adoption and online payment levels have risen. So you may test different approaches with different offers and get your conversions. 

💡 *Advice: Additionally to legal regulations consider the legal norms when targeting a definite country.

TOP GEOs: India, Mexico; 

Verticals: sweepstakes, dating, nutra, adult;

Ad Formats: popunder, banner, web-push, instream.

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You may compare bids of all aforementioned TOP countries from each Tier-group and decide on what is more interesting for you:

To run a successful affiliate marketing campaign, please, follow the recommendations below:

● Identify your overall budget. It will help you decide on Tiers:

≤ $1000 - Choose GEOs from Tier-3 and Tier-2 groups. 

> $1000 - Choose GEOs from Tier-2 and Tier-1 groups. 

● Target several GEOs but not many. Specify your audience;

● Run several campaigns in one GEO. It will help you compare the results and optimize your activities in short terms;

● Make sure the volumes of your target GEOs are high;

● Define your target audience as exact as possible;

● Consider the regulations;

● Adapt your creatives for different GEOs for better results - translate, implement sayings & slang, try to use local currency and date format;

● Use spy tools for inspiration and create your own ads;

● Always run test campaigns;

● Optimize your campaigns and ask your personal manager for help if needed.

We wrote this article for you to come back to it whenever you need to decide on your GEOs. Add it to bookmarks and use our advices to boost your campaigns 👇