Major New Features In ClickAdilla App - OS and Browsers Version Targets

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System updates to make your Campaigns more effective

▶ Updated block of locations
▶ Updated Dashboard
▶ Subtargets
▶ Summary

Our team is doing its best to update the system to provide you with maximum comfort and functionality. That is why today we would like to introduce you to our new updates that you probably have already noticed:

Updated block of locations

Updated block of locations (selection of countries / regions / cities)

We provided the location block with an updated design. By default, the field is written: "All selected" for the user to understand that the ads will target the whole world automatically.

image 1image 6

By clicking on the field, a list of countries/regions/cities will drop out, which you can select by scrolling through the list or by searching (the search works only if the request contains a partial or complete match, without typos and only in English).

After selecting several countries, the first selected country and + the number of the countries are written for input. If the list is large, it will be partially hidden by default, and by clicking on the "show all" button - will be opened. After selecting a country, targeting may be specified by region and city in relevant blocks: the principle of selection is similar.

An Important thing is that not all regions and cities are shown in the pop-up window when several countries are selected. Thus, if some are not shown, you need to enter them in the search.

Updated Dashboard

The next feature is the updated dashboard.

The updated dashboard has:

the ability to select two parameters that will be displayed on the chart (Cost, impressions, clicks, video views, CTR);

image 2

time range selection option, for which the statistics will be displayed on the chart;

image 3

Information on the number of companies of different status (active, paused, pending, total);
List of companies with the ability to sort by ID, Company name, clicks, impressions, cost;
Ability to select the number of rows in the campaign table;

image 4

Cost per day and per month with data for the last month.
And last but not least:


Sub targets by browsers and Operating Systems.

The second step by creating a company is “Targeting”. After selecting the browsers to which you want to target your ads, additional fields appear. The fields in the right column are filled only with numbers and only with a number up to the first point. For example, the latest version of Google Chrome is 96.0.4664.110, so you only need to enter 96.

Windows version is entered by name, so if the client enters 8, it will target Windows 8 inclusive and older.

After the user enters the version of the browser or the operating system, traffic will only go to the version equal to the number and newer. For instance, if the client entered the Chrome version number 50, then the target will only go to the Chrome browser version 50 inclusive and up to 96 (the latest at the moment)

image 5


These were our new updates, hope you will enjoy using them and boost your conversions to the space!

Thank you for being with us and much success!

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