What are the benefits of a location targeting platform? Specifics and tips

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Location targeting is a pretty complicated type of settings for mobile phones for focusing on a narrow target audience.

Today, there are so many options for targeting to reach the audience. But could you imagine another interesting option that allows you to show ads to users with high accuracy? In this article, we offer you to figure out the issues of location targeting platform.

Location targeting is a pretty complicated type of settings for mobile phones. However, it is a useful filter as this type of targeting helps to focus your offer on a certain narrow target audience, and as a result, you can get higher ROI performance.

What is location targeting?

This is the type of settings that a location targeting platform offers. Thanks to this feature, the marketer gets the opportunity to set up a specific GEO where he or she is going to advertise the creatives. Let’s find out what a location targeting platform can offer an affiliate marketer.

Firstly, let's deal with the target by radius. This feature can be irreplaceable  if your offer is suitable for a small audience that is in a certain GEO. How can you set up this type of target? Your task is to specify the particular GEO and bid in the settings.

We recommend setting the bid slightly higher than the price recommended by Price Box.

It would be even better to set Auto Adjust prices, then you will always buy the right amount of traffic.

How can this geotargeting be useful? This tool works great with the strategies to increase awareness of a product or service. As a result, you can achieve higher traffic if you advertise an offline product.

How to set up?

Obviously, no one wants to waste the budget. Therefore, in order for your creatives to be advertised more successfully, you need to target a certain GEO and set up the right time for showing.

IP settings can also be useful when you create advertising campaigns.

This will help you test your creatives avoiding competitors to see your campaigns. By doing so, you get an advantage and secure your results.

Tips for using the location targeting platform

Do not neglect Geo features. To do this, you should take into account not only the specifics of the offers, but also the local language with the currency. Also do some cultural research to choose the most appropriate visual for your creatives. Otherwise, you run the risk of using some visual details that could offend potential buyers.

Take into account the strategy. What exactly do you want to reach with Geo targeting? Goals can determine actions. Do not forget that you can also exclude neighboring Geos to refine the location.

Separately, we recommend you clarify if you set up the GEO that you need. The fact is that some names of locations occur in different places. They are in different regions, though the name is the same. This mistake is sometimes made by affiliates with inattention, that is why they can lose their investment.

Geotargeting has certain specifics and you should approach it with responsibility. Therefore, we recommend studying the offer and your target audience before setting it up. Do not forget that it is better to use several creatives to be able to analyze performance and test settings.

We wish you use the location targeting platform successfully, and ClickAdilla will help you optimize your campaigns and get traffic effectively.


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