Nutra: Choosing Offer & Traffic Source

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Nutra Choosing Offer & Traffic Source.

Today we are making a special article with our partners Dr. Cash. We will discuss the nutra vertical in 2022, discover the things about nutra that you most probably did not know, identify targeting GEOs, choose ad formats and find a perfect bundle for your nutra offers.

Did you know that since the big changes in 2019 the nutra market experienced a great increase? Well, today this vertical is still popular though the approaches have changed.

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Nutra in Affiliate Marketing
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Nutra in Affiliate Marketing

Nutra is considered to be drugs and medicine. Well, that’s a common misconception. Nutra is actually an abbreviation for nutritional supplements. For the most part, nutra offers are

supplements and products with vitamins and other health benefits. This vertical covers goods and products for health care, weight loss, weight gain, skincare, teeth whitening, brain enhancement, male enhancement pills and others.

Before we will dive into the topic here is a couple advices to follow when working with nutra:

  • Make sure you use Adult traffic for Adult items only,
  • Keep in mind general payment models for nutra offers: CPA, CPL and CPS;
  • Pay attention to regulations in different GEOs.

Top GEOs

Nutra vertical is popular absolutely anywhere in the world, which allows a webmaster of any skill level to work with it. Beginners usually start working from Tier 2.3 countries. Tier-3 countries have low competition, inexpensive traffic and the ability to start working with a small budget for tests. Payouts in these regions are lower than in others, but there is a lot of traffic there, and webmasters usually make a profit on volumes. The user can be easily disposed to purchase even with a simple creative. With Tier-2 regions, the rates and competition increase, as does the webmaster's budget.

Therefore, Tier-1 regions need a good budget and webmaster experience to get results. These GEOs are more for experienced webmasters.

Each region has a seasonality of niches, their peak and decline in demand, therefore, before launching, it is better to consult with a personal manager, which of the offers now gives the best conversion in the GEO you are interested in.

Today we will analyze one of the most popular GEOs in Tier-2 countries - Morocco. How to work with this GEO, what source is better to drive traffic and how to create a converting creative for working with adult products using landing pages as an example.

Morocco (Tier -2) is one of the oldest Muslim countries located in the northwest of Africa, with a population of more than 35KK people (more than 27KK Internet users = potential buyers). The country is in dynamic development in the field of online shopping, where Internet activity among users is growing daily, expanding the opportunities for webmasters to work with this GEO. Nutra products, like the niche of adult products, are in good demand here with a well-chosen approach.

Despite a fairly good standard of living, the region has a rather low level of sanitation and a not entirely favorable environmental situation. Good medical care is available for all segments of the population in large cities, but along with this, traditional medicine, self-medication and medicinal herbs are also popular. The last factor gives a very big advantage to advertising nutra products indicates the loyalty of the audience to this kind of advertising.

What you can drive traffic to in Morocco:

  • joints
  • weight loss
  • eyes
  • diabetes
  • hypertension
  • adult products (enlargement, enhancement, prostatitis)
  • anti-aging cosmetics
  • parasites

Practical tips for creatives in this GEO:

  • Despite the fact that Morocco is a Muslim country, a woman is given more social freedoms here, she does not need to ask her husband's permission to make purchases and can easily set up her advertising campaign also for a female audience.
  • The region is close enough to Europe, so here you can easily use the European approach in creating creatives.
  • Tests are best done in two languages at once: Arabic (as well as a Moroccan dialect) and English for large cities (French is also spoken in some areas).
  • Arabs like clarity, numbers and facts, which are supported by scientific research, doctors' comments.
  • For a good conversion, you should also indicate the visual effect of using the product. You can use the "before" and "after" approach.
  • There is more trust in its citizens, so all people on creatives must be of Indo-Pakistani nationality.
  • We avoid even a hint of nudity as much as possible. All translating into an associative approach. The meaning of the text and picture should be clear. For this approach various vegetables, fruits, measuring instruments, happy faces of girls, etc. are used.
  • Moroccans like to haggle, get their profits everywhere, so there should be a roulette wheel, a hot offer or a promotion on the landing.
  • We have already talked about the love of facts, so it is better to also use fresh comments and a real product photo in them, this always increases user confidence...

Traffic source

Deciding on traffic sources fully depends on the type of the nutra campaigns you will run. If you prefer working with adult nutra offers, you will face lots of troubles in Google and other platforms. Since nutra is on the 4th place among all verticals at ClickAdilla for the last quarter, you may find suitable traffic here.

Traffic source

Moreover, you may try ClickAdilla’s premium sources for more possibilities. Here you will not need to create dozens of accounts and wait for them to be banned. Additionally, you may enable high-quality targeting function which is already available for several ad formats. So you will get maximum out of your marketing campaigns.

Find more information about high-quality targeting function here 👇

high-quality targeting

Best ad formats

According to ClickAdilla’s data there are three basic ad formats you should pay attention to when working with nutra: popunder, nutra push and in-page push ads. What is interesting is that these ad formats are unique in terms of nutra goods you’re advertising. Popunder and nutra push ads suit both adult and mainstream nutra traffic. Let us consider ad formats more detailed:



To create a campaign choose popunder in the relevant category in your ClickAdilla account.

Popunder is one of the easiest ad formats to run for nutra offers. A lot of affiliate marketers use it for their nutra campaigns. Let us highlight main features of the format:

  • You do not need creatives;
  • In Dr.Cash you may get a landing page with an offer;
  • There is a lot of traffic for nutra at ClickAdilla to test your ads;
  • Cheap traffic;
  • High-quality targeting is available at ClickAdilla.

Push or In-Page Push Ads

Push or In-Page Push Ads

To create a campaign choose push ads or in-page in the relevant category in your ClickAdilla account.

These ad formats are a great choice for running your nutra campaigns. A great advantage is that nutra push and in-page push ads are considered as a type of native advertising. So, when your advertising message is sent to the user it will be non-intrusive and user-friendly. As far as the main features are concerned:

  • High engagement rates and consequently, conversions;
  • Creative ads may increase CRs;
  • You can reach your audience at anytime, anywhere;
  • With in-page ads you may target iOS users as well.


How to make a creative when working with adult products using the funnel in as an example:

Adult products - one of the most popular niches, which has its own specific criteria and rules in the preparation before starting to run ads. The main difficulty is the passage of moderation, which is based on the rules of the site where you place your advertisement. The stricter the rules, the more the webmaster needs to whiten his creative in order to pass moderation. Therefore, a more associative approach will be needed here (all the same vegetables, fruits, etc.). The landing page should be a complete continuation of the creative and reveal its stated meaning.

If you drive traffic through adult networks, then on the contrary, they insist on more explicit creatives that will look harmoniously on sites of the 18+ category.

Creative is the very first link in creating a working funnel, because it is it that should attract the user to go to the ad page. When creating a creative, special attention should be paid to the text (the text should fully reveal the meaning of the associative image). Classical approach: a question that speaks about the problem + a ready-made solution to the problem. In some cases, to increase the percentage of targeted transitions, you can add a pack or product logo to the creative.

Approaches may vary depending on the traffic source. For example, to work with FB, a webmaster needs to conduct a preliminary research, which shows the best conversion at a given time (you can use AdHeart). If you decide to create a creative on your own to suit your needs and format, then source images can always be found on the Internet using various photo stocks and marketplaces.

There are also services on the Internet (ClarifAl and Google Vision) where you can check your creativity for frankness. This will allow the webmaster to prepare in advance and make the necessary adjustments without wasting time and money.

Offers with Examples

Examples of creatives and landing pages for the adult niche in

Offer: 20688 Rhino Gold- MA- COD - $12.50 Enhancement

Landing 1:

Landing 2:


Creatives 5

Offer: 20963- ErostimProst- MA- COD- $12.00 Prostatitis

Landing 1:

Landing 2:


Creatives 6

Offer: 18703 - Erostim - COD - [MA]- $10.00 Enhancement

Landing 1:

Landing 2:


Creatives 7


With nutra offers you may test various GEOs. You can also run high-return offers for different target groups. Keep in mind that nutra and related verticals’ offers are generally seasonal. So, here’s a brief instruction on how to run a successful nutra campaign:

  1. Choose an offer from Dr. Cash;
  2. Select one of the recommended ad formats;
  3. Follow the instructions above to make a convertible creative;
  4. Get your quality traffic from ClickAdilla.

This article provides all necessary tools to run a successful nutra campaign. Start your campaign now! 👇

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