Monetize sport events in affiliate marketing

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Monetize sport events in affiliate marketing

Betting is the vertical that brings profit even in economically and politically difficult times. Learn how to monetize the upcoming sport events in our new article written together with Mostbet!

Betting is the vertical that brings profit even in economically and politically difficult times.
FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 has started, so we prepared a useful article together with Mostbet for you to monetize this big event!

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Why should you monetize sport events?
What sport events are the most popular?
Choose ad formats for betting campaigns
Look out for these sport events - make money out of it!

Why should you monetize sport events?

Every year sports competitions attract new fans who are ready to bet on their favorite teams. For example, during the period of coronavirus restrictions, a limit was imposed on the number of spectators at stadiums. However, there was an increase in the audience following the broadcast of sports events online.

Thus, even those who were not previously interested in sports are becoming increasingly involved in the sports agenda of the world.

What sport events are the most popular?

Sports events allow webmasters to generate excellent indicators for many GEOs. Which matches and countries should you choose for the best conversion?

The most popular are, of course, major international sporting events.

Football ranks first in terms of coverage: Champions League, Europa League and World Cup.

The second in terms of coverage in the world is tennis. We advise you to pay attention to Grand Slam tournaments, as well as matches marked major.

Next come boxing and UFC fights. Title matches, as well as big names, often bring a larger number of leads.

Volleyball, hockey, basketball and table tennis are also in the top in terms of indicators.

However, it is worth remembering that the popularity of each sport also depends on the geo from which you plan to lead. For example, despite the fact that football attracts the largest number of viewers in the world, cricket is much more popular in countries such as India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The managers of the gambling and betting partner program Mostbet Partners will help you to understand such subtleties and successfully set up an advertising campaign.

The most long-waited, spectacular, powerful and explosive event of 2022 in the world of sports is the Football World Cup! For 4 years, fans have been waiting for this season to come to support their favorite teams, follow the progress of matches, place bets and just enjoy the game. In 2022, the championship will be held from November 20 to December 18 in Qatar.

During the World Cup, arbitrators often set personal records for collected leads. Using the help of Mostbet Partners, you will be able to quickly and accurately find creos, identify TOP GEOs and find profitable offers.

Choose ad formats for betting campaigns

We would like to make your work with Betting vertical even easier! Our ClickAdilla R&D team analyzed the data from previous years and identified TOP 5 ad formats for betting campaigns. Let us take a look!

top 5 betting


This ad format is most commonly used in betting vertical. The reason is that it has a very low entry-threshold, so you need no creatives. The transition to your website is done automatically.

💡 Recommendations:

● Upload several links (main landing page, page with bonuses, page with interactive content, etc.) - thus they will rotate and you will see which one brings more conversions;

● Use a pre-landing page to warm the audience up;

● Use a tracker to understand which sources work better;

● Choose high-quality targeting and advertise on premium sources.


In-Stream is another one format most commonly used for gambling & betting verticals. The mechanism of the format guarantees that the user will watch your video. Try not to overwhelm, but mention the most catchy points of your offer in the first seconds of the video. It will grab even more user’s attention.

💡 Recommendations:

● Work on the quality of your videos - it is a very important point of any video ads.

Web push

Push appears as a notification on a webpage or an app. It appears at any time when the user’s browser is open. Web push engages the audience in a very effective way. Affiliate marketers use web push notifications in betting very often on several reasons:

● High CTR;

● Attention-grabbing;

● Big traffic volumes.

💡 Recommendations:

● Choose high-quality targeting;

● Work on the quality of your creatives;

● Do A/B testing.


This ad format is very similar to web push notifications. The best thing about in-page push is that it doesn’t require the subscription to the push mailing list. Thus, the coverage percent is very high. Here are the reasons why It suits perfect for such verticals as dating, gambling and betting:

● No connection to browsers and subscriptions;

● In contrast to web push it is available for IOS devices;

● Bigger traffic volumes;

● Cheaper than web push.


Banners are the engine for betting promotion. On any website of any GEO you will definitely face the banner offering you free spins or bonus in the casino. Despite the banner blindness the traffic rate for this ad format is high because of:

● adaptability;

● variety of placements;

● big traffic volumes.

💡 Recommendations:

● High-quality creatives.

Look out for these sport events - make money out of it!

There are thousands of matches happening every day - so people place bets on a daily basis as well. But we would like to pay your attention on the biggest sport events of the end of 2022 and the upcoming 2023:


Nov 21 - December 18 - FIFA World Cup
Dec 5 - 16 - Weightlifting - World Championships
Dec 13-18 - Swimming - FINA World Swimming Championships (25m)


Jan 16-29 - Tennis - Australian Open
Jan 12-22 - Multi-sports - Winter World University Games
Jan 12–29 - Handball - World Championships (men)
Jan 13-29 - Field Hockey - Men's Hockey World Cup
Jan 21-27 (postponed from 2021 & 2022) - Multi-sports - Special Olympics World Winter Games
Jan 27-29 - Extreme Sports - Winter X Games
27 Feb 4 - Mar 18 - Rugby - Six Nations
Feb 6-19 - Skiing - Alpine World Ski Championships
Feb 9-26 - Cricket - ICC World T20 (women)
Feb 9 - Mar 26 - Cricket - World Cup
Feb 12Football (American)Super Bowl
Feb 21 - Mar 5 - Skiing (Nordic) - FIS Nordic World Ski Championships
Mar 8-21 - Baseball - World Baseball Classic
Apr 6-9 - Golf - Masters
Apr 15 - May 1 - Snooker - World Snooker Championship
Apr 15 - Horse Racing - Grand National
May 5-16 - Multi-sports - South-East Asian Games
May 6 - Horse Racing - Kentucky Derby
May 12-21 - Ice Hockey - IIHF World Championship
May 18–21 - Golf - US PGA
May 22-28 - Table Tennis - World Championship
May 28 - Auto Racing - Indianapolis 500
May 28 - Jun 11TennisFrench Open
June 10 - Football (Soccer) - UEFA Champions League Final
Jun 9-25Multi-sportsEuropean Games
Jun 16 - Jul 16 - Football (Soccer)AFC Asian Cup
Jun - Ice Hockey - Stanley Cup finals
Jun - Basketball - NBA Finals
Jun 15-18 - Golf - US Open
Jun 16-25 - Multi-sports - Special Olympics World Summer Games
Jun - Jul - Football (Soccer) - FIFA Club World Cup
Jul 1-23 - Cycling - Tour de France
Jul 3-16 - Tennis - Wimbledon
Jul - Multi-sports - World Urban Games
Jul - Multi-sports - Indian Ocean Island Games
Jul - Extreme Sports - Summer X Games
Jul 10 - Aug 20Football (Soccer)Women's World Cup
Jul 14-30 - Swimming - World Aquatics Championships
Jul 20–23 - Golf - The Open Championship
Jul 28 - Aug 6 - Multi-sports - World Police and Fire Games
Jul 28 - Aug 6 - Netball - Netball World Cup
Jul 28 - Aug 8 - Multi-sports - Summer World University Games
Aug 3-13 - Cycling - UCI Cycling World Championships
Aug 4-19 - Multi-sports - African Games
Aug 5-12 - Multi-sports - World Beach Games
Aug 10-20 - Sailing - World Championships
Aug 19-27 - Athletics - IAAF World Championships
Aug 25 - Sept 10 - Basketball - FIBA Basketball World Cup (men)
Aug 28 - Sep 10 - Tennis - US Open
Sep 3-10 - Rowing - World Rowing Championships
Sep 8 - Oct 28 - Rugby - World Cup (men)
Sep 9-16 (postponed from 2020) - Multi-sports - Invictus Games
Sep 22-24 - Golf - Solheim Cup
Sep 23 - Oct 8 - Multi-sports - Asian Games
Sep 29-Oct 1 - Golf - Ryder Cup
Sept 30AFLGrand Final
Sept - Rugby League - NRL Grand Final
Oct 5-14 - Multi-sports - World Combat Games
Oct - Rugby League - World Cup 9s
Oct - Baseball - World Series
Oct 20 - Nov 5 - Multi-sports - Pan American Games
Nov 3-11 (postponed from 2022) - Multi-sports - Gay Games
Nov - Weightlifting - World Championships
Nov 7 - Horse Racing - Melbourne Cup
Nov 19-Dec 1 - Multi-sports - Pacific Games
Nov 30-Dec 17 - Handball - World Championships (women)

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