Hot mainstream sources. Onclick ads.

We’re excited to share with you our 3 new mainstream traffic sources.  

Over 20M impressions monthly from 50+ GEOs.

This is a source with mainstream videos. It's not entirely new, but Onclick ads were added recently. Besides Onlick, you can run other advertising formats:

  • Web Push notifications. 
  • ⚫ Banner ‘underplayer’ 728x90.
  • Video Pre-Rolls.

These are news websites with Onclick ads.

Onclick, or Popunder, is a really popular ad format. This is a window that opens in a new browser’s tab, after a visitor clicks anywhere on the site. It works well on all devices and it’s suitable for promoting almost any product. You can find a full overview of pop traffic here.

Like old fashioned banners, Onclick hasn't changed for years. However, it can not be said about the verticals. Some verticals receded into the background, while others evolved … anyway, at the moment the best conversions are shown by sweepstakes, utilities and PIN submits.


There are websites that offer visitors to win an iPhone or something valuable. In exchange for the contact information, e-mail or credit card number. Most people are passionate and love freebies. So you can get easy money.


Anti-viruses, cleaners and VPN are traditionally in great demand. Don't forget to target the correct device and operating system. Agree, it would be ridiculous to promote iOS app to android users.


These are offers where payment goes through a mobile operator (carrier). There are many different types of content you can promote: apps, videos, games. Users can pay in a lump sum or on a weekly basis. The advantage of a mobile subscription is that the user can pay quickly in a few clicks without a credit card.


This vertical is evergreen and versatile for any ad format. It includes a wide range of products: various male enhancement and weight loss pills, hormones and dietary supplements etc. Before launching an advertising campaign, it is better to check with the manager about the types of sites. Since it depends on whether your product will be relevant to this audience. For example, on a site where the majority of the audience is men, advertising for body lotions and moisturizers will not succeed.

Read more about TOP performing verticals with our traffic.

Minimum cost per 1000 impressions starts at $0.5 (actual at the time of writing)

Check the minimum and maximum rates on the Traffic chart. Also here you can find countries with the highest traffic volume.

We work on an auction system. That is, all traffic is received by the advertisers whose bid is currently higher. In our system, there is no dependence on receiving traffic on the amount in your account. In case the traffic is not coming, try raising the bid. If this doesn’t help, we recommend contacting your account manager.

You can find a list of premium sites when creating a campaign.

1. Start creating your ad campaign

2. Click on Popunder (or any other ad format).

3. Select mainstream category "Entertainment & Lifestyle"

4. Go to the tab Sites

5. Select Premium.

6. Voila, here's the list.

Don’t hesitate to contact your account manager on Skype. He will give advice on how to set up an effective ad campaign, choose the best offer for mainstream sites and increase your profit.  Or ask live-chat support for technical information.