How to create advertising campaign for YouTube video

This is a step by step guide on creation of campaign for YouTube video.


  1. Login in
  2. Add new VAST-tag.
  3. Open YouTube video.
  4. Copy video ID.
  5. Back to the vs.spy-love. com and insert video ID.
  6. Create VAST-tag.
  7. Copy URL.
  8. Log in ClickAdilla.
  9. Create In Stream ads:
  • - Select VAST wrapper with VPAID. 
  • - Insert VAST-tag.

10. Create campaign:

  • - Select In Stream format and Pre-Roll placement. 
  • - Set up target options and bid price.


You can select a GEO or a preset. 

For YouTube Pre-Rolls we have a special preset called "VPAID TIER 3".

For YouTube Pre-Rolls min bid is $0.65

In case you selected All countries min bid is $1.

That’s All! After approval the video will start to receive impressions within an hour.