VPAID vs VAST: Video In Stream ad standards for video player

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If you want to make a video campaign then you should figure out the issue of Vpaid vs Vast. You can learn more about VAST and VPAID ad standards differences in the article.

VPAID vs VAST? What is the difference between VPAID and VAST ads? VPAID and VAST tags serve ads to video players. Video format is preferred for brands. We would like to tell more about VAST vs VPAID tags and opportunities of video ads. We will not put the information into a nutshell because we want you to understand all the details, so let’s get to the bottom of the truth. Here we go to find out VPAID and VAST!

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Recently we have introduced Video In-stream (Pre-Roll) format. Many advertisers and marketers successfully use it. According to statistics, marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.

As you know, video advertising has revolutionized the affiliate marketing industry. So far, you can see that users are responding very well to dynamic ads. This trend has been staying at the forefront for many years. Therefore, we are confident that the video trend will continue for a long time, and our users will delight us with their new successful cases.

As you know, the advertising market does not stand still and develops at lightning speed. That is why today there are several advertising formats to create video campaigns. We mentioned Pre-rolls above, which are one of the In-Stream types. We are sure that every Internet user has come across this format at least once. For example, you see Pre-rolls when you visit a website to watch a video. This format has a huge advantage - users are motivated to watch the video so they are ready to read the ads to start watching.

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It’s really simple to launch video campaign in ClickAdilla, even with VPAID and VAST tegs. Just name your campaign, select Linear type, upload video and insert URL. Before uploading, please read the video requirements.


The second option to set up is wrapper. For that you’ll need a VAST tag.


If you have no idea what it is, then you need to understand the basics. Let us tell you about VPAID vs VAST tag.

VAST (Video Ad Serving Template)

Vast video is an ads standard, created to facilitate the communication between video players and video ad servers. The Vast tag provides a framework for embedding in-stream video ads.

In simpler terms, VAST is about empowering video players to publish your video campaigns. Vast ad standard programs the player to adapt ads to different devices.

Vast (the Video Ad Serving Template) helps to collect the necessary data, such as: total number of video ad impressions, views to the end, how many users interacted with the campaign. Vast stores all useful data, such as advertisement format, urls, and location.

But you can describe VAST in a couple of words too - this is a XML file that is needed by the video player and which contains the necessary information about the advertising campaign.

VAST does not generate ad statistics, but it contains URLs that are needed to track video ad views. The statistics are gathered by advertising platforms, not by Vast.


VPAID (Video Player-Ad Interface Definition)

Specification, developed for interactions between ad units and video players focused on enabling rich interactive in-stream ad experience. What is VPAID?

VPAID (Video Player-Ad Interface Definition) is required for correct interaction between the video player and advertising campaigns. VPAID helps avoid player incompatibility issues and complex ad formats.

Therefore, VPAID is not necessary for you if you prefer simple ad formats. But that doesn't mean Video Player-Ad Interface Definition can't be useful to you. If you decide to make your ad campaign more complex, then VPAID specification can be a great optimization solution. For example, you may need VPAID if you want to create additional scripts, such as stop video playback and go to the landing page of the offer.

VPAID specification allows marketers to better analyze the performance of their campaigns. Users also get more options, for example, they can click on the video and see more detailed information. For example, potential customers may see a longer version of a video advertisement. VPAID (Video Player-Ad Interface Definition) helps to collect data on target actions of the audience and transmits information to affiliates


What's the difference between VAST and VPAID?

VPAID is similar to VAST, but gives more interactive ad elements like overlays to help boost ad performance for advertisers.

If you want to optimize your video ads reach and view engagement, standard-based advertising should be part of your ad planning. VPAID also helps advertisers set up more personalized campaigns based on geographic information.

In ClickAdilla we use JWPlayer. It means that Pre-Roll plays automatically when a user clicks on a website’s video content. Which is customizable with clickable calls to action.


To make it more clear, you can watch these videos describing the work of these standards.




Now we are working on CPM. Consequently, CPM is a cost of your ad per 1000 impressions. Unlike the CPM, it’s a cost for just a single view. The CPV model will be available soon.


Minimum price always varies. Today it is just $0.2 per 1000 impressions. For example: USA $0.42, UK and Germany $0.29, France $0.49, Spain $0.22, Italy $0.2. Check the widget Pricebox to find the most appropriate price and GEO for your ad. Keep in mind that bids and volumes of traffic are constantly changing, so you should not take this as an axiom. You can figure out the current prices in your account on ClickAdilla or ask your personal manager.


YouTube views

Many marketers ask how to advertise videos on YouTube. We have a solution - you can just send us the link to your YouTube video and we’ll create for you an ad campaign.

All these digital advertising specifications can get complicated at times. If you want to find out how to set up an ad campaign correctly, please contact our manager in Telegram @vladnktn.

We have done our best to make the difference between the two possibilities clearer. VAST vs VPAID? This is a rather tricky question as it depends on your advertising strategy and campaign expectations. Both specifications have their undeniable advantages and disadvantages. Before making a choice, we recommend that you clearly decide on the advertising format that best suits your advertising needs.

If you are a beginner and just starting to master affiliate marketing, then you can always get support from a personal manager on ClickAdilla.

We want you to choose the most suitable specification between VAST and VPAID, so ClickAdilla is always at your service to help you simplify your advertising processes and achieve high ROI performance.

Try VPAID and VAST in ClickAdilla!

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