In-Stream Video Ads

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What are in-stream video ads?

Exclusively promotion videos from YouTube

In-stream is one of the new and most popular formats of advertising. People interested in the content will watch your ad, which is like an intro to it. We have both VAST and direct links available so that you can insert your in-stream most conveniently.
The video starts after clicking on the video preview button. Advertisements can be closed in 5 seconds.
Impressions over 1+ billion daily
CPM starts at $0.01
Countries 240
Ways Self-serve /API / RTB / XML

In-stream video ad placements


A Pre-roll ad is a video advertisement that automatically plays directly before a featured video, on both mobile and desktop. Also you could get strat with embedded pre-roll (third-party video player on publisher’s website).

Video slider

Video Slider is a pop-up modal window in the lower right corner of the screen where the video is played.

Native Roll

Native Roll is a video player that appears among the content on the site, pushing it aside to play ads.

Motion Banner

Motion banner is an animated banner that will be displayed before the video, without the ability to close it for a while (minimum skip time is 5 seconds or more). You can also add a brief description of the product, call-to-action, to this banner.

Why In-stream video ads?

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