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Make your web push ad campaign more profitable 💰 In this article you'll learn how to create a good web push notification and how to launch ad campaign in ClickAdilla ad network.

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▶ The elements of push notification
▶ How to create a good web push notification
▶ How to start the Push Notification Campaign with ClickAdilla?
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Web push notification - is one of the newest and trending formats of digital marketing. It has gathered momentum in the past three years. Push notifications have the highest CTR compared to other funnels. This advertising method is suitable for any offer.

But these advantages do not mean that starting the push campaign, you click on the button “Get money”, and your ROI will be over 200%. As with other ad formats, the journey begins with creative work.

Correctly prepared push ads campaigns can be perfectly matched with a wide selection of verticals, such as sweepstakes, gambling, sports betting, gaming, finance, nutra, mobile apps, games, adult, web-cams, dating and others. Let’s create an example of push notification for a dating offer.

The elements of push notification

Web Push notification consists of 4 elements:

- Title

- Body

- Icon

- Image

The appearance of the web push notification varies from browser to browser and also the Operating System.

Our general recommendations for the proper work of push notifications are:

Title: maximum 25 characters

Body (without picture): maximum 100 characters

Body (with picture): maximum 35 characters

Icon: 192x192 px

Image: 360x240 px

File Type: JPG/PNG, animation is not allowed.

All specifications are listed at the link.

How to create a good web push notification

Make the message clear and concise. Do not use too much text: 10 characters in the title and 25 in the body are enough. In most cases, words like “Free,” “Bonus,” “Discount,” “Win,” “Get free“ and “Save” will help you hook your audience. Create a push notification which conveys to the end-user the benefits of clicking on the message.


Use relevant emojis. It will help to draw users attention to your notification and increase open rates. You can find a huge base of emojis here.

Call-To-Action button

It could simply a text or a picture. Anyway it’s designed to provoke a visitor to click on the push-notification. In my case I used it in the body - “tap to see profiles” and on the image - “tap to view”.

Effective pre-landing page

Use pre-landers that help to increase the user’s excitement and engagement. Every third user waits no more than 2 seconds to load a webpage. Analyze your website with PageSpeed tools powered by Google. According to the statistics 1 second delay in page load time means 11% loss of page views. This is especially important for mobile traffic, since more than 90% of the web push traffic on our network is mobile.

Keep in mind that according to our rules you can not use pictures and text containing adult content, but you can use it on your landing page.



Preview on dashboard


Preview on Mac OS, Android Mobile and Windows 10.

How to start the Push Notification Campaign with ClickAdilla?

Well, we have crafted awesome creative, now we need to set up our ad campaign.

You can target campaign by 9 parameters:

- Countries

- Device Type

- Connection Type

- Browser

- Language

- OS

- IP2 Location

We have useful GEO-presets by regional and language selection.

I’ve selected Ireland and CPC model. Price-widget shows that I can get up to 5000 clicks with Irish traffic daily. Pretty good!


Premium or RON sources?

You can find our premium sources list in the tab sites.

In case you start your first campaign, we advise to select RON - All sources. After the tests, look at the statistics. Add to the white list resources, which give you more conversions and add to the blacklist not relevant sites.


For the web push campaign are available CPC and CPM payment models. Which one to choose? Create 2 campaigns - one is pay-per-click, the second is pay-per-view, and сompare what is more profitable for you. Or use simple math. For example, bid on CPM costs $0.5. You have CTR $0.05. When using CPC model you would pay 1 cent for each click. The higher the Clickthrough rate, the more profitable it’s to use CPM model.

Set up limits

For tests, I recommend setting a daily limit of $ 15.

Also, you can set up limits by hours, days and determine the total amount of clicks, impressions or money. The limits are set on the UTC time. More about limits.


Conversion optimization. Look at the statistics.

After about a week you need to analyze your results and adjust accordingly. You can find detailed statistics on your dashboard. Affiliate marketers also use third party trackers to compare statistics. It's really important to track and manage your campaign.

According to the data, you need to make changes to the current ad campaign. You can create a blacklist of worst sources, select browsers, OS, carriers and countries that show the best results.


But how to understand whether a campaign is successful? It’s important to understand what the goal of the campaign is: get cheap traffic on the site, increase conversions, get more app installs or just a brand awareness? Once you have established a clear goal, you can measure success in terms of your campaign's impact.

Let's look at one case, if you are running SOI offer, that pays you $1, then your daily budget should be at least $3 per ad set. Create 5 ad sets and run it for 3 days. After that, check the stats. In case you have less than 9 conversions on ad set - remove it and run the remaining ad sets for another 3 days.

Key findings

Analyze. As well as with another advertising format, optimization will require a significant amount of traffic and time. Run one offer for a week with a budget of $50. Search for a profitable campaign costs money and effort. Another case is when you have an offer that already brings money and you want to scale...

How much money is enough for the test? 1000 clicks are enough to start analysis. It’s around $50 with a click cost of 5 cents.

Conduct A/B tests with min 5 creative ad sets. Our tool - smart rotator will help you to choose the best-performing creative and will save your time from manual A/B testing.

Increase your ROI. If several countries are suitable for your offer, then for testing choose geos with the least competition.

Title and icon are the most important. These are shown on all devices.

Test your ads. Perhaps you will find something that can be improved: site loading speed, mobile optimization, user experience etc.

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Do not hesitate to contact our live-chat support. Managers will help you set up and run your campaigns. 😉

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