Closer to Your Customers - How to Deliver Better Ads

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Closer to Your Customers - How to Deliver Better Ads

This article may be useful for experienced advertisers who are looking for ways to make their advertising more profitable.

Have you ever wondered what is the success signal for an affiliate? Yeah, a good stable income is really what every advertiser strives for when starting his/her journey in affiliate marketing. But one day you may realize that you have reached the top and cannot rise higher. That is why we believe that real success lies in the search for new approaches that lead to stable performance growth. These thoughts prompted us to write this article, so we invite you to figure out how you can improve your advertising right now!

This article may be useful for experienced advertisers who are looking for ways to make their advertising more profitable. Beginners can also find many useful tools to quickly get past the trial and error period and get started with ways that will truly convert.


Banner is a true veteran among advertising formats, because it appeared in 1994 to advertise AT&T in Hotwired (the first commercial online magazine). That banner had an incredible conversion rate that is hard to imagine for banners nowadays - 44% of clicks! Today, banners are completely different as user behavior changes. The emergence of the banner blindness phenomenon forces advertisers to abandon the format, although it is enough to take into account the features of a modern banner to continue to receive excellent performance.

ClickAdilla’s opinion it's too early to bury banners, as the format is still a large part of online advertising - $64 billion was spent on banners in 2020, and $69.59 billion in 2023. Experts' forecasts are indeed positive, as annual growth is expected to be approximately 4.6% over the next 5 years, and estimated costs will rise to $87 billion by 2028.

How to make banners more profitable in ClickAdilla?

Banner is one of the main advertising formats in ClickAdilla, so our developers are doing their best to improve the traffic quality and keep the format modern. If you sign in to our advertising network, you will see a dashboard on the left side. Click on “Ads” to see all advertising formats available in ClickAdilla:


Select a banner and click on “Create banner” to start running an advertising campaign:


Give your campaign a name to quickly find it to track statistics. Choose the appropriate banner size that matches your advertising goals:

  • 300x250 is one of the most popular sizes in ClickAdilla for desktop advertising. You can choose a location at the top, bottom, or in the middle of the site interface.
  • 728x90 is perfect for placing ads under video content on a website.
  • 160x600 can be useful for your advertising campaign if you want to place as much information as possible.
  • 900x250 is the largest desktop size in our ad network. You may choose 900x250 if you're still worried about banner blindness, as this size provides maximum viewability for the ad format.
  • 315x300 is integrated into the general content of the site.
  • 300x250 is the best option for launching a campaign to get the first results during split tests and scale the campaign in the future.
  • If you want to cover mobile traffic, then choose 300x100 and 300x250.

Click on this link to learn more about each banner size and choose the one that best suits your strategy.

Okay, you have chosen the size of your banner. Select the HTML 5 banner type at the bottom. Why this advertising type? This banner format can be called smart since HTML5 makes banners supported by all browsers and operating systems. Another attractive feature is the ability to create animation and video for the banner directly in the page code. GIF images are a thing of the past compared to HTML5 banners, as such banners are superior in quality to animation.

Want to learn more about HTML5 banners? Click on this article to learn 2 ways to create these banners and Google requirements for setting up a campaign.


Why should you try in-page? The format allows you to reach your audience by showing your offer on the web page that a user is viewing. This format is quite unobtrusive and allows you to display your ads as part of the web page browsing, which attracts user attention more.

How to make your in-page more profitable in ClickAdilla?

At the end of 2023, we announced a new functionality for setting up in-page ads in ClickAdilla – in-page skins. These settings allow you to tailor your advertising to the desired adult vertical and increase traffic relevance. Let's talk about everything in order:

You've probably already logged into your advertising account in ClickAdilla and clicked on “Ads” to select in-page advertising. Now click on “Create in-page” in the upper right corner as we did before while setting up banners:


You will be taken to a page with an in-page campaign setup:

  • Add the name of your campaign to easily find it to track statistics;
  • Add URL and create a creative or upload a ready-made one in the required fields;
    You will see a preview of the new in-page skins.

You can see 5 groups - these are verticals that you can choose to increase the relevance of your traffic. Each group also provides you with several types of creatives:

  • Standard – 4 types
  • Dating – 4 types
  • Utilities – 2 types
  • Gambling – 3 types
  • Betting – 2 types

Types can change the appearance of your creative, such as removing icons or making images larger.

We have added the necessary elements for in-page advertising so that you can see how the arrangement of these elements changes depending on the type. This approach allows you to make your split tests more detailed and analyze more deeply which strategy converts better in your case.

You can learn more about the benefits of in-page skins and see other examples of types for all groups in this article.

Push notifications

Is there anything new to say about push notifications? Surely! This format is also one of the main ones in our self-serve ad network, so we put a lot of effort into developing it in the affiliate marketing environment.

How to get more quality traffic using web push in ClickAdilla?

Devices have become a part of the life of every modern person, so what could be better than delivering advertising directly to them? This mechanic allows you to reach only those users who consent to receive ad notifications, which means your advertising excludes uninterested users. However, our team continues to work on the push traffic quality, so you can try High Quality for your campaigns.

Sign in to ClickAdilla and click on “Create campaign”.

Select web push ad to start setting up your advertising:


Fill out all the required fields to set up your campaign. You will see a choice of traffic quality – we recommend “High” to reach those users who respond most to advertising. This simple tweak can make all the difference in your campaign results!


Tab direct link

If you prefer to work with CTA phrases, then there is a perfect format for this – tab direct link. The format has several advantages, for example, integration into the general content of the site has a positive effect on the user experience. You don’t need a lot of time to set up direct links and you don’t need a full-fledged website - just prepare a URL for your landing page.

How to make tab direct links more profitable in ClickAdilla?

So, you already know that you should click on “Ads” on the left side of our ad network interface. Select tab direct link and click on “Create tab direct link”:


A page opens to create direct link ads. Add a campaign name and a ready-made URL. You can see the field for selecting an icon:


Click on the icon selection field and you will see a wide variety of tiny images that are great for advertising any adult vertical and even mainstream offers.


This add-on can increase the click-through rate of your Tab Direct Link, so now is the time to try it!


Our team is committed to making ClickAdilla your guide to the world of high conversions and profits. That's why our experts analyze changes in the affiliate industry to integrate new modern functionality for your performance - all you have to do is make a few clicks and get ready to increase your ROI!

This was an article about how to make your ad campaigns better to maximize the reach of your potential customers - now it's time to take action to start monetizing!

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