Increase your CTR with High-Quality Targeting!

⠀⠀Clickadilla is a network with a vast amount of different advertising formats. They rotate on thousands of websites every day. Our goal №1 is to help you reach YOUR target audience and receive quality impressions, clicks or other actions in any terms. Thus, our development team has been working long enough to present a new target setting - High-Quality Targeting. 

Watch a video with high-quality targeting features explained 👇

⠀⠀High-Quality Targeting optimizes your costs and time-spending. This result-oriented tool identifies the most favorable conditions for your ad to bring maximum effectiveness. It will be shown at a definite time in a definite place on the website (depending on the goal of your campaign). 

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⠀⠀The function has been developing for several months. It started from an idea of offering an alternative to ordinary ways of targeting. The mechanics of High-Quality targeting form an ACRR model, which is:

1. Analysis;

2. Comparison;

3. Reach;

4. Repetition. 

⠀⠀We need our ad to have the HIGHEST probability rate for an action. So one of the biggest parts of the model is analysis. The parameters to be analyzed may vary depending on the ad format, GEO and vertical you work with. There are 154 immutable points. They include an expected clickthrough rate, landing page experience, ad relevance and others. Once the analysis is accomplished, the score is assigned to each point. As a result, the system may identify which place on the website is more convertible at a definite point of time and what parameters will ads have. Here the system proceeds to a second step, which is even more massive - comparison.

⠀⠀Digital marketing is a constant stream of big data and only those who can process it fast - earn more than others. The first step for our development team was to teach the mechanism to analyze and score the parameters on the website. Second - to analyze and score them on thousands of websites simultaneously. That would allow us to offer the best options for our client. Thus, a long testing period started before the system could be programmed for that pattern of analyzing. After a couple of months the system could analyze an immense amount of sources on the web at the same time. The integrated pattern allows the campaign to proceed to its third and main step now - reach.

⠀⠀As the High-quality targeting analyzes and scores hundreds of thousands parameters, the ad is placed in the most relevant places. As a result, the potential customers will more probably make a target action. The whole cycle is repeated unless the ad campaign reaches its limits.

⠀⠀The High-Quality targeting is already available at several ad formats and is planned to be integrated in all of them.

This it how it works at Banner:

Once you selected the ad format you will work with, slide below and find the "Traffic quality" tab. Your ads will be shown to all types of traffic by default. To change it for high quality, simply hit the relevant button.

Right now you may already optimize your popunder, banner and in-page campaigns. The future of targeting is already here. Try it! 👇