Mobile banner ads guide

The number of mobile users will soon surpass 15 billion. The Internet is becoming more accessible and faster. Downloading a movie in 1 minute no longer seems like something beyond reality. The consumption of mobile content in the world is growing steadily. The demand for advertising in mobile applications increases along with mobile traffic.

Banners in apps may be a great option for a successful ad campaign. However, the tricky part is getting users' attention to your ad. Users are overwhelmed with online ads, so advertisers should come up with different tricks to get users’ clicks. To increase revenue generation, advertisers should use different ad creatives, ad spots and optimize campaigns through targeting options. 

Banner advertising remains one of the most widely used ad formats. Banners come in a variety of sizes, static, dynamic, and even interactive. Let’s take a look at the mobile ad sizes that you can use for advertising in our ad network.

Mobile Banner 300x50

It’s the smallest ad size in our inventory. To get the most out of a 300×50, make sure you have a concise message to convey and simple, clear graphics. This way, you can get your message across in a tiny space.

Large Mobile Banner 300x250

This banner size is significantly larger than the previous one. It takes up almost half of the screen. It is also located among the content, but more visible.

Mobile Leaderboard 320x50 (728x90 for tablets)

It is the big brother of the Mobile banner. The leaderboard is slightly bigger and visible, and fits well with seasonal ad campaigns with sales and special propositions. Mobile Leaderboard is universal, cost-efficient, and flexible. According to Google, this is one of the TOP performing Mobile banners. 

Mobile Interstitial 320x480

It’s the largest ad size among in-app banners. Mobile interstitials are full-screen overlays. This ad format was designed to fight with “banner blindness”. Users will definitely notice it, since it covers the screen of the app.

Interstitials allow for more context, clearer call-to-action, and more creative content. This allows you to encourage more engagement hence lifting your brand performance and recall.

Often Interstitial ads appear between game levels or during loading. The user can close it immediately. Then the user returns to the main content again. So this way, users' experience is not interrupted at the most unexpected moment.

Native ads are ad units that integrate seamlessly with app content. According to statistics, Native ads generate 53% more views than banners. Native advertising is perceived by users as site content. However, it is necessary to create really valuable and useful content so that the ad does not annoy users.

In-app banner advertising is a versatile marketing channel and fit for all app types:


There’s no perfect recipe for a successful banner ad, but these 4 rules are essential.

  1. Keep it shorter. Show to the user the benefits of clicking on the message “Limited Time Offer”, “Grab your limited promo code” or “Exclusive Deal”.
  2. Use quality images that match your product. The best performance shows pictures that convey emotions.
  3. Highlight the logo, so it doesn’t get lost in the background. You want to increase your brand awareness, right?
  4. Add a clear Call-To-Action button, for example: “Click to Win”, “Install for free”, “Add to Cart”, “Sign Up”, Get it now” etc.

After your ad creative is ready - try to see it from the outside, would you click on this banner? And of course ad creative is not enough. To find the best one, you need to test at least 3 banners.

Ads in mobile apps will be equally effective for apps filled with users with impressive daily session lengths and those that are used only occasionally if the size, format and placement of the mobile ad unit is chosen wisely.

However, choosing a mobile ad format is only part of the in-app campaign performance equation. Much will depend on your targeting settings, the right ad platform, ad network, and other important factors.

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