Cash in big with Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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Cash in big with Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are in one row with the most important shopping days of the year. Use our guide to boost your campaigns for this holiday season!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are in one row with the most important shopping days of the year. Moreover, they start the line of an immense amount of bonuses and discounts for Christmas and New Year.

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What to expect?
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GUIDE for Affiliate Marketers

What to expect?

To know what exactly we are preparing for, let us take a look at adobe’s data on previous years:

● 2021’s online sales all over the world exceeded $200 billion;

● People spent $88B while buying via smartphones. It is 43% of all online retail sales;

● The gap between looking and buying constantly narrows year over year;

We collected the data from 3rd parties sources and here are TOP MAINSTREAM goods sold during 2021 Holiday Season:


Nintendo Switch OLED, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X, Call of Duty Vanguard, Battlefield 2042, Far Cry 6, FIFA 22, Halo Infinite, Metroid Dread, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Pokemon Shining Pearl.


Baby Yoda, Bluey, Crystalina, Gabby’s Dollhouse, Got2Glow Fairy Finder, Itty Bitty Prettys Tea Party, Paw Patrol, Peek-a-roo Panda, Pop Fidget, Squishmallows, Tamagotchi Pix.

*Important. Aforementioned goods were top in 2021. However, we recommend you to make your own research before deciding on what to promote in 2022.

Now we are two weeks before the biggest shopping event of the year, so let us focus on our campaigns and get started!

Top Verticals

First of all, let us identify which verticals bring the most profit during this period. Without any doubt, E-commerce is #1 vertical for Black Friday holiday season.

To make your e-commerce campaigns even more successful, we released a video on our YouTube about a Case Study with AliExpress affiliate program. Take a look 👇

…and read an article with detailed instructions, numbers and features 👇

and read an article with detailed instructions, numbers and features

But Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not only about e-commerce. We prepared a list of top verticals in affiliate marketing industry basing on data from previous years:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not only about e-commerce

We also would like to highlight TOP verticals of November 2021 at ClcikAdilla:

We also would like to highlight TOP verticals of November 2021 at ClcikAdilla.png

Once you have decided on the vertical, let us move on to the ad formats.

Top Ad Formats

The list of top ad formats during the Holiday season varies year over year. Taking into consideration ad formats that were popular in 2020, 2021 and trendy ad formats today, we would like to highlight TOP 3 of them. You may read why these ad formats are popular and how to use them in a right way in the related articles below:

1. Push notifications

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Push notifications 1

2. Popunder

Read more 👇

Popunder 1.png

3. Banner

Read more 👇

Banner 1.

GUIDE for Affiliate Marketers

As far as the Black Friday design part of your ads is concerned - the rules are similar for all the formats. That is why we decided to combine all the tips in one check-list that you may apply to any vertical, any ad format and GEO.

● Spend time on research

Find the offers that sell fast. Check different trends and stats from previous years for the most searched goods and services. Check what online platforms and other affiliates are promoting, read the forums. This will help you Maximize your chances to earn more than others.

● Highlight your Black Friday or Cyber Monday offer

As for any holiday, be it Halloween, Christmas or Black Friday - it is important to design your creatives thematically. Your landing page (if you have it) should also reflect the holiday’s atmosphere. Otherwise, your ads will not catch the users’ attention and get lost in the sea of countless offers.

● Specify your audience

We do not talk about targets. We talk about the creatives. People do not want to think much - they want to see ads with “Gift for your brother” and get it. For such an approach you may simply make several versions of your creatives (if your ad format assumes creatives) and let them rotate.

● Give discounts and bonuses

Black Friday is the time when people are waiting for something special from you. Think of a discount or offer which would grab your attention.

● Specify the Numbers

After giving a discount or bonus, specify your numbers. Give the exact percentage or dollar amount of the discount or bonus you provide. People tend to react more to the creatives with the exact info.

● Increase Urgency

To make your offer HOT - specify the date range or the number of people who can grab your offer. When providing such info, you make people understand: either they buy it now with a discount, or never.

● Be careful with targets

Setting too many targets may result in low traffic volumes. Think twice before adding another targeting filter. It relates to all “specific” targets, such as OS or device versions, languages, etc. Make sure your ads are rotated 24/7. You can always edit your ads settings and ads more targets later.

A good example is our recent case study about AliExpress affiliate program. Check it out 👇

● Use live photos

Users trust more when they see people on your creatives. Meanwhile, try to look for the photos that look realistic. People can tell stock images.

● Provide the feedback from customers

The mechanism is the same. People trust more when they see that someone has already got your product or service and is happy about that.

● Use spy tools

We bet you are a creative person. Meanwhile, the research about what works and what does not will save you tons of time, energy and dollars.

● Optimize

Your campaigns can always be better. We recommend you to check the recommended price every day to be sure you are winning the market and getting enough traffic.

● Cooperate

We are always happy to increase your conversions. Feel free to contact your personal manager or any of our support team to help you out with your campaigns.

● Start today

We are two weeks before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The majority of affiliates are already testing their campaigns. If you haven’t started yet - this is the best time.


To summarize, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a great opportunity for every affiliate marketer. Use our checklist to maximize your profits!

💡 If you haven’t started your affiliate activities for Black Friday yet:

● Choose a vertical from our TOP list;

● Make a research on the products in this vertical;

● Choose an offer;

● Come back to ClickAdilla and start a campaign with one or several TOP formats from our list;

● Get your profit from the biggest shopping event of the year.

People earn thousands of dollars every year during Black Friday holiday period. Start today and grab the biggest share of it! 👇

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