Save Your Time with Web-push and In-page Auto Generation


Auto-generation of Web-push and In-page

That is what the majority of push notifications generally represents. But why is this type of Ad so popular among advertisers? That is because push notifications and In-page pushes look very similar to the common messages the user gets every day. As a result, they are not so intrusive, but still attract attention.


According to our statistics on Web-Push and In-Page notifications, we recommend you to create your campaigns in the following categories:

Web-Push data

In-Page data

We actually already compared these two formats in one of our previous articles , where we also highlighted the advantages and disadvantages for each of them 👇

Meanwhile, as you can tell, both In-page and web push ad formats are extremely popular and convert well enough in such categories as Adult, Lifestyle (Blogs, Shopping, Nutra, Social Networks, etc), Specific (App installations and several online services) and others in 2022. However, sometimes it is really challenging to create a good push campaign, moreover, it may also be time consuming.

Imagine a service that will only require a URL to generate ready push notifications for you! Now it is possible with ClickAdilla’s Web-push and In-page auto-generation!

And that is how it works:

Once you start creating your ad campaign, it is enough to add a URL. Please, make sure that the URL is correct and full, otherwise the auto generation will not work.

After the URL is added, the download of meta tags starts and the following ad fields are filled automatically:

  • Title
  • Description in body, 
  • Og image in icon and image

If the user does not have all of the required items on the site (or one of them), the relevant fields are left blank and the user may fill them manually.

After all the items are downloaded, you will receive a notification to confirm the auto fulfillment.

Attention: if the user has entered the text manually earlier but still confirms the auto generation, the loaded fields will be changed to new ones.

Important: In this example, an error appeared in the Title field, which indicates that 41 characters out of 25 were entered. That is NOT a prerequisite, it is a recommendation, as a header consisting of no more than 25 letters will not be cut off in any types of notifications.

It is also worth mentioning that when adding multiple urls, each url is generated separately.

To summarize, the Web-Push and In-Page notifications usage trend is only growing even in 2022. However, there is nothing that costs more, but time. So, why not save it on creating your campaigns with our new auto generation functions?