IP Ranges

In case you need to serve an ad to a specific IP addresses, you can add them through our self-serve platform. Previously, this could only be done through your account manager. Now you can set it up yourself. 

As you know, IP addresses are used to identify the location from which a user is connecting to the Internet. Often, advertisers use IP addresses to target mobile carriers. PIN submit offers is one of the niches for which advertisers need to use IP ranges. 


  • Hyper-focused target. For example, mobile operators have a special range of IP addresses. The accuracy and coverage of such targeting is the most valuable.
  • Save your time and costs eliminating the traffic you don’t need.
  • High CTR. By targeting with IP addresses, you reduce the number of irrelevant clicks. As a result, the click-through rate is increasing.

How to add IP ranges?

If you have a list of IP addresses, you can create a campaign and insert your list.

Have a question? Feel free to contact our support team via Live-Chat.