How to Hit The Right Target Audience: Golden Rules You Didn't Know

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Targeting is an effective way to reach the right audience. Find out 4 key rules that help you maximize your target efficiency

If you've ever dealt with targeting, then you'll probably agree with us that it is a marketing art. It is a mistake to believe that real talent helps advertisers skillfully combine settings and achieve incredible results. It's a trial-and-error process that all affiliates go through to master it.

But there is no ideal, so deepening your knowledge is always a good idea. In this article, we offer you four golden rules that will help your advertisements always hit the target!

1: Don't stop studying

The target audience is not only a combination of GEO and gender settings, but it is also people belonging to certain demographics.

For example:
You have experienced driving traffic in India and your campaign has brought you successful results. So you decided to develop the performance and advertise in the UK, but the CTR was low. There is a possibility that the reason is ignorance of the peculiarities of the country. So perhaps your combination of targeting settings was great in India but failed in the UK. There is no reason to think that you can't make money in this GEO - you need to explore deeper into interests, behavioral factors, and psychographics.

Another example may be similar to the previous one - features in precise targeting for locations. Different regions of the same country may demonstrate different levels of demand, so this is another point for the constant study of a specific GEO.

2: Bring back those who are lost

Any purchase is based on human emotions. But everyone's emotional intelligence is different, so you may find that some people impulsively spend all their money while others mull over the purchase for days or even months. Why do we need to know about this? It's obvious - this is a simple explanation of the need for retargeting.

Retargeting is one of the most effective tools in digital marketing, as it helps to reach those users who previously interacted with advertising: registration, downloading or deleting an application, adding a product to the favorites, viewing a landing page, etc. Here is the mechanism for working with retargeting:
1. Segment your audience. Analyze which users brought conversions and which were limited to clicking on an ad. This will help you determine the type of your target audience.
2. Offer a benefit. Surely there is a reason that stopped users from bringing you conversions. Therefore, a simple reminder of your offer may not be convincing enough. Make your advertising more attractive by adding benefits, such as informing about discounts.
3. Don't try to show your ads as many times as possible to motivate users to finally interact. Analyze your campaign to find out at what time your ads generated the highest CTR. You may notice that your advertising was especially effective on specific days. These metrics can yield great results in retargeting.
4. Don't forget that creatives can help you reach your target audience more easily. If you were able to determine the type of your audience, then try to personalize your creatives to suit the interests of these users.

3: Increase accuracy

Configuring IPv6 can be your secret weapon. The Internet space is constantly expanding, so this customization becomes a real necessity to adapt to the changes. IPv6 provides more available IP addresses for all devices. This is also a good opportunity to simplify your network connection, as IPv6 automatically configures addresses for devices and ensures smoother data transfer.

4. Narrow and expand

You have to look for the combination of settings that is an effective formula for a particular campaign. For these purposes, narrowing the target settings and expanding for larger coverage work great.

Determine who might be interested in your product or service. You may notice that your offer may suit different types of audiences. This is a great opportunity for testing - try various target combinations to reach different audiences. Once your testing is complete, you can analyze which traffic brings the most conversions and continue your campaign with an effective strategy.

You can also try a different strategy if your offer is interesting to different types of audiences. Try using the minimum settings and analyze the CTR after testing. You may find that this strategy can produce better results as you get the opportunity to reach a larger audience.


We hope that you are already successfully applying these 4 golden rules in your advertising. And if you are just starting to learn to target, then we wish you to achieve excellent performance after reading this article. And do not forget that ClickAdilla is at your service to assist!

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