Targeted traffic: how not to waste the budget

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What is targeted traffic? Find out the pros and cons of target settings and get some useful tips for avoiding main mistakes.

What is targeted traffic?

Hello everyone from the ClickAdilla team! You've probably heard that targeting allows marketers to reach potential buyers more effectively and also save budget. You probably stumbled upon this article to clarify some questions, such as:
What is targeted traffic?
What are the pros and cons?
How to set up a target?

In this article we will figure out all these questions, so let’s dive into the issue!

Targeted traffic

If you are just starting your adventure into the world of affiliate marketing, then you need to understand some basic definitions.

Traffic is real Internet users to whom you show an offer. Users try products or services, and you receive a reward for it. The source of traffic can be a website, application, or social network.

A target is a set of specific settings that allow you to most effectively reach the audience that is interested in your offer.

Therefore, as you understand, targeted traffic is reaching the audience that brings you the most conversions through targeted actions.

Target actions may differ, for example: signing up on the site, placing an order, paying for goods, watching a video, playing a mobile application, completing a level, etc. Some actions may be quite simple for the user, such as clicking on an advertisement, but some actions are quite complicated (ordering and paying for goods).

Many advertisers seek to attract complicated targeted actions to an offer to receive higher payouts. Targeting helps them get high conversions. Therefore, targeted traffic can become a real goldmine for affiliates.

Advantages of targeted traffic

We can highlight plenty of advantages of targeted advertising and here are just a few of them:

You can reach the maximum target audience that may be interested in your offers and bring high conversions. You can use a wide variety of settings to reach potential customers, including additional ones like interests.

You can save your advertising investments. You don't have to spend your budget on those users who will ignore advertising.

You can better analyze statistics and results for your creatives to optimize your campaign.

Disadvantages of targeted traffic

Yeah, we can certainly highlight the negative aspects of targeting. However, we would like to immediately add that all these shortcomings can be easily resolved if you approach the issue of creating campaigns responsibly.

The target audience may be quite narrow. If you are advertising a specific offer that suits a small number of users, then you may encounter such difficulties. This is why we recommend our clients start with adult verticals, as they are suitable for a wide audience. Adult niches do not depend on external factors and can be interesting for people of all ages and GEOs. But if you decide to advertise a narrowly targeted offer, then be prepared to pay a lot of attention to optimization and experiment with targeting settings.

Even if you have found the best target settings, this does not mean it is time to stop. Carefully analyze conversion and click statistics to optimize your campaign in time. The fact is that the audience can get used to one creative and ignore it. Therefore, create different creatives to stir up user interest.

It is also worth noting the high competition. Targeted advertising works on the principle of an auction. Therefore, advertisements from those marketers who set a higher bid are shown first. But it’s important to add that this doesn’t only work with targeted advertising. This difficulty is easily resolved if you use the recommended bids from PriceBox.
The ClickAdilla team advises you to bid 10% higher than PriceBox recommends.

As you can see, the listed disadvantages can also exist in advertising without targeted traffic. We hope that you will use our recommendations and improve the quality of your performance.

Targeting options

There are basic and additional settings for targeted traffic. It all depends on the advertising network you plan to work with.

GEOs are the main parameter. The more GEOs there are, the more real opportunities there are to advertise different offers. You can also customize not only the country but also use highly accurate location targeting. For example, if you are advertising a store, then you can mark the streets next to it so that the local community will know about it.

Age and gender are also key parameters. Use them to show your creatives to specific users.

You can also set the device type and operating system. This is an important point since ClickAdilla advises making creatives for different devices.

We also advise you to pay attention to the browser and browser language. This way you can display ads in the desired language that the user knows.

You can receive targeted traffic even more effectively with additional settings: interests, marital status, having kids, date of birth, visits to various locations, etc.

How to set up a target?

The fact is that there are no perfect target settings. It all depends on the offer and GEO on which you advertise. Mentalities may differ, so if you find the best targeting settings that convert in one location, this does not mean that these settings will bring you good results in another country.

We can give you some useful tips:

Each audience has several target portraits. Analyze who might be interested in your offer. You can create creatives for different portraits and find which type of users are most interested in your ads.

We also recommend that you create different creatives and analyze them after the test period. This will help you determine which settings, text, and visuals convert best.

If you are advertising an offline offer, for example, a store, then you will need to pay a lot of attention to the local target. Be sure to conduct a test period to see when users click on ads most often. This will help you limit the time your ads are displayed.

Buy targeted traffic only from trusted sources. For example, in ClickAdilla, marketers can only buy traffic from verified, authoritative websites. Moreover, you can buy the entire amount of traffic from one website.

Don't be afraid to try and experiment with targeted traffic. The main thing is not to forget to allocate a budget for the test period to optimize the campaign and bring it to the best result.

Target with ClickAdilla and reach only real users interested in the offer!


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