Web Push
Web push is a new word in the internet advertisement. We have a database more than 65 million subscribers collected directly from the sources of our exclusive partner. You can advertise even your adult landings, which are not allowed in the most of push networks. Web push will be shown to the user even if he is not on the website. Just imagine, how much profit can you get from it!
15 billions impressions
Popunder is an extra window which shows when the user make a first click on the content page. It is one of the best ways to grab user's attention! We have both mobile and desktop popunders available,they are user-friendly and meet all of the google restrictions.
240 millions impressions
In-stream is one of the new and most popular formats of advertising. People who are interested in content will watch your ad which is like an intro to it. We have both VAST and direct link available, so you can insert your in-stream in the most convenient way
100 millions impressions
Banner advertisement is one of the classical ad format, which shows on the content page. We have several banners available on clickadilla.com
  • NTV-A,B,C
  • In-video
  • Desktop Underplayer
  • Mobile header
16 billions impressions
Native ads
Native ad is placed in the footer of the website and it looks like the website's content, but not the advertisement. The native ad block consists of 6 banners, but if you have some special format - you are always welcome to insert it and become a part of the site. Contact your Personal Manager or Live Support manager for the pricing details.
150 millions impressions
Navigation bar link
Navigation bar link is a tab on the website menu, which is supposed to be a part of the site. We have flexible discounts for the long-term partnership and targeting for this spot. You can contact your manager or live support manager to order a flat deal.
150 millions impressions