Smart-bidding and Native ads on CPC

Native Ads

We’ve added cost per click pricing option. Now you can choose between CPM and CPC.

Read more about this ad format here.

  • - You pay only for clicks, not for impressions.
  • - Transparent analytics model.
  • - It's easier to calculate your budget and optimize your campaign.

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Meet our new feature that will save your money!

Smart-bidding works as follows: it finds the advertiser with the biggest bid, then, the system finds the next smallest bid among advertisers and adds a slightly higher rate of your closest competitor.

For example:

There are 2 advertisers who compete in an auction for an ad slot. The first advertiser set a bid at $0.5, the second - at $1. The second advertiser wins that auction and Smart-bidding set his bid approximately at $0.55.

In general, the purpose of the Smart-bidding is to reduce advertiser’s costs.

  1. Creating a web push creative, select a Smart type.
  2. Add creative as usual and save it.
  3. Set up a campaign with this creative.

That’s all, Now you try  😉

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