Meet new ad format: Native ads

What is native advertising and how it works?

Native ads appear as a part of the web page. Native ads is non-intrusive like display ads, because It doesn't really look like ads at first glance.

On our sites native ads are placed at the bottom of the page. 

The native ad block consists of 5 banners.

Each block has two elements:

- Title

- Image (300 x 250 px; jpg, png or gif)

Size and format are customizable.

This format works on desktops, mobiles and tablets.

This format works on desktops, mobiles and tablets.

Other Requirements

As with any other ad format it depends on creative, niche and landing page. In case you already run campaigns with banner ads, you should definitely try the new format.

  1. Native ads are viewed more than display ads, and as a consequence they contribute to much brand awareness, than display ads. 
  2. Native ads feel and don't look like ads. Native blocks are not allocated from the content. You can recognize ads in them only by “AD” labels. This way a user isn’t being deceived, and clearly understands that it is an advertisement. 
  3. Unlike banner ads, native have a place for a text, which also increases the space for creativity. And no matter what device your target customers use, since our ads are automatically adjusted to fit the user's screen.

Key Findings

- Users looked at native ads more frequently than display ads.

- Native ads is less “annoying” and useful in providing relevant content. 

- Native ads works for all devices.

1# Create Ad set

You can upload up to 6 ad sets that include image 300x250 px and text. 

Each site has a different number of native ad placements, therefore our system selects creatives randomly.

You can use a Common URL for all creatives or insert unique URL for each ad set.

2# Create campaign

Select The Native Ad among other formats, then choose your Creative and set up target options.

Wait for approval and then you can launch the campaign.

Wait for approval and then you can launch the campaign.

Be careful. Double check if limits are set and If the checkbox “Automatically activate this campaign as soon as an administrator approves it” is clicked.

Do you have a question? Feel free to contact us via Skype or Live-chat.