The Traffic Chart & Pricebox

We have updated Pricebox . This widget shows your level of competition: the higher your bid, the more traffic you get.

The Traffic Chart - a completely new feature on our platform. It shows daily traffic, estimated based on the last week data. You can find data on all ad formats and countries. Select ad format to see a list of geos in descending volume of daily traffic. 

The Chart has traffic type, operating system and pricing model options that you can select. It very convenient to sort the list by price, geo and traffic volume. This feature is especially useful if you need to compare several countries.

Hot traffic countries

Sometimes, it makes sense to find a geo with a minimum price and at the same time with a large amount of traffic.

Here is an interesting option:

  • Web push
  • Portugal
  • CPC

It's available 24'435 clicks and with bid 6 cents you can buy almost all traffic. Not bad, huh? 

And that's not all. Here are another noteworthy options:

Web Push

  • Ukraine
  • average CPC $0.05
  • 162'909 clicks


  • Japan           
  • average CPM $2
  • 294'122 impressions daily

  • Poland
  • average CPM $1.9
  • 160'688 impressions daily


  • South Korea
  • average CPM $0.5
  • 246'800 impressions daily

  • Italy
  • average CPM $0.6
  • 273'339 impressions daily

Banner 300x100

  • Thailand
  • average CPM $0.016
  • 619'237 impressions daily

  • Indonesia
  • average CPM $0.009
  • 225'580 impressions daily

Banner 300x250

  • China
  • average CPM $0.03
  • 4'507'507 impressions daily

  • Serbia
  • average CPM $0.02
  • 595'422 impressions daily

Banner 728x90

  • Japan
  • average CPM $0.007
  • 255'448 impressions daily

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