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ClickAdilla Multi Popunder

Multi Popunder is an Ad format which does not require tons of creatives to connect up to 100 URLs to your campaign in just a couple steps which saves you both time and budget. ClickAdilla - the ad had never been so effective.

Most of you know what popunder is, but let me just remind you quickly: PopUnder is a pop-up window, which opens your landing page after a click. Popunder is an extra window that shows when the user makes a first click on the content page. Popunder traffic is one of the easiest ways to start an advertising campaign, and it works for almost any vertical. This makes this ad format popular with newbies and experienced affiliate marketers. PopUnder does not cover all the content, however, as your ads partly cover the main content of the website, we may refer to it as aggressive advertising. After clicking on the pop-up window, the landing page opens under all the tabs already open.


A pop-up window with an ad annoys users by default, thus you need to attract the user’s attention and offer a solution to the problem. Several factors significantly affect the effectiveness of PopUnder ad blocks:

  • attractive bright banner design;
  • using catchy headers;
  • relevance to the subject of the main resource.

It is worth mentioning, that when working with mostly cold traffic, it should first be "warmed up", otherwise, users will close both the pop-up window and the landing page which will leave you without conversions. Therefore, that kind of traffic generally first is directed to an interesting landing page, and only afterward - to the main landing page.

So, what we have now is a high-quality picture with a bright headline, which proposes to solve the user's problem. Perfect. However, we may always increase our chances for conversion by using a new Popunder format, which we will talk about today.

Multi Popunder assumes the same Popunder format but with several URLs, which automatically increases your chances for conversion. You may connect up to 100 URLs (creatives) for one campaign, which makes advertising much easier.


Watch a quick review now:


Who will it be useful for?

The main advantage of Multi Popunder Ad format is that the user does not need to create tons of creatives while connecting up to 100 URLs to the campaign. Multi Popunder is made for clients who work mainly with trusted sources, such as Youtube, Onlyfans, social networks, marketplaces, etc.

Here the advertisers get a lot of advantages: while the speed of creating such a campaign is higher, the volume of spin-offs for one campaign increases as well.


Multi Popunder Features

Your Ad is shown to the user under one of the settings you will choose:

  • Autorotation
  • Rotation by priority

The creation of one Popunder has not changed except for the Name field is no longer required as now it is automatically generated from the ID that will be assigned to the new popander.

Creating multiple Popunder now looks like this:

image 1

To add another URL, you need to click on the button under the tokens:

image 2Autorotation is applied when you have e.g. more than one and up to 100 creatives, and do not know which one will convert better. In this case, your creatives will be shown separately as a general Popunder Ad randomly by autorotation. Afterward, you may analyze which one converts better and move to setting number 2:

Rotation by priority

image 3

(Meanwhile, you may skip Setting 1 if you feel one of your creatives should have a priority)

Rotation by weight is a pretty simple but worth implementing setting which allows you to set weight (1-100) for each of your creatives. That will affect the priority of each creative, when the rotation is made and, finally, the popunder is shown.

image 4

Technical Part

Meanwhile, as far as the technical part of our new feature is concerned, the verification algorithm for pops with a large number of urls is optimized. The option of adding statuses is implemented on a par with the possibility to view link change history. These options have been also optimized for the support team and are now more transparent to view.


To summarize, Multi Popunder is an Ad format which does not require tons of creatives to connect up to 100 URLs to your campaign in just a couple steps which saves you both time and budget. ClickAdilla - the ad had never been so effective.

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