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Today, we unveil the extraordinary case of a client who fearlessly ventured into the realms of ClickAdilla's flat deal feature.

Hold on to your hats, folks, because we're about to embark on an electrifying adventure! Today, we unveil the extraordinary tale of a client who fearlessly ventured into the realms of ClickAdilla's direct deal feature, leaving no stone unturned and no traffic unexplored.

Offer: HookUp Tonight (Dating website)
Traffic source: ClickAdilla
Ad Format: Tab Direct-Link
GEO: Tier-1
Period: 12.06.2023 - 26.06.2023
Costs: $216
Revenue: $512
Profit: $295
ROI: 137%

By purchasing the entire traffic inventory at, one of the leading adult entertainment websites, in a direct link format for 15 days, the client achieved outstanding results in Tier-1 countries. With a staggering revenue of $512, this case study showcases the immense potential and profitability that can be unlocked through ClickAdilla's flat deal option.

Get ready to witness the raw power of ClickAdilla's direct deal feature and how it can transform your advertising dreams into a reality.

Let us give the word to our client:

I’ve been working with ClickAdilla for several months already when I first heard about their Marketplace and direct buying of the whole traffic for an ad format on the chosen website.

One of the formats I was buying at ClickAdilla was the Tab-direct link. It wasn’t expensive and the campaigns with direct link have already brought me great results, so I was surprised that ClickAdilla was selling it in their direct deals or flat deals, especially on the, which is one of the top adult websites on the Internet.

The manager recommended I get a flat with the direct link as it works better in that type of campaign than in a regular one. Now I can prove it, it definitely does.

The other plus of a flat deal campaign is the bid – it is way lower than in a regular campaign. The bid in a regular campaign would be around $0.012 whereas, in my flat deal campaign, it was only $0.0068. The difference is so huge!


I primarily run several campaigns with one offer which is kind of a smart link:

Landing offer.png

For this particular campaign, I have chosen the offer HookupTonight which helps people to find out a couple with no strings attached 🙂 This offer was multi-geo, so the landing page adapted to the different GEOs.

I got a conversion each time someone registered on this website.

Flat deal campaign

The excellent news is that you don’t have to do any particular targeting, only GEOs – that's it. It is because you buy all the traffic anyway – so the whole website audience will see your ad.

My targets looked like this:

image (15).png

I also had daily impression limits. It is made to not spend my whole budget at once. The impressions are divided over 15 days of my campaign:

image (16).png

So each day I got around 2,151,195 impressions! This is way more than I could afford in regular campaigns.

The conditions of my flat deal were:

Period: 15 days
Ad Format: Tab-direct link 
GEOs: Tier-1 (the USA, the UK, Switzerland, Singapore, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, etc.)
Impressions: 32116305
Devices: desktop
Flat bid: $0.0068
Budget: $212.27


The other good news is that you don’t have to make ad creatives as direct-link is only an interface button. I had only to write text in the button and choose an icon.

The text on my button was simple: “Meet Hotties Tonight”

I’ve chosen the icon named People in red color.


This is what it looks like on the website:


Campaign results

So, for 15 days of running this campaign, I got a 137% ROI, which is a great result! In terms of profit, I earned $296.

Copy of case 19.07 02.png

As you see the traffic flow was constant and I was buying almost all the available traffic daily.

From my experience, I can say that flat deals are worth it. It is not as expensive as I was thinking and they definitely work. 

You may spend a lot of budget by always trying to catch your audience by choosing and combining different targets. But you can also simply buy the whole traffic volume and get your target audience anyway”.


This case study showcases the remarkable success achieved by our client through the utilization of ClickAdilla's direct deal feature. By purchasing the entire traffic of in a direct link format for a period of 15 days, they were able to generate a substantial earning of $295.

The success of this case study demonstrates the opportunities that exist within the realm of online advertising. With ClickAdilla's comprehensive range of features and a commitment to delivering high-quality traffic, advertisers can unlock new levels of performance and profitability.

If you're ready to explore the potential of direct deals and elevate your advertising efforts, ClickAdilla is here to support you. Join our platform and discover the possibilities of ClickAdilla’s Marketplace. Start your journey with ClickAdilla today and take your campaigns to new heights.


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