Bitcoin prediction: $100’000 in 2021

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How to make money with bitcoin? Turn bitcoin into cash promoting crypto affiliate programs. It’s a win strategy that will increase your investments by 100% or more. On average, partners receive $1000 per sale.

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This article is not entirely about investing in bitcoin, but how to make money on crypto affiliate programs. I would like to start with a little background information, so that we are on the same wavelength.

Bitcoin era

Cryptocurrencies, or crypto for short, are virtual money. Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Tether, Bitcoin are the most well-known cryptocurrencies. The first and widely-used crypto is ₿ was launched in 2009. Since then, its value has increased incredibly: from a few cents to $34’000 this year. Especially strong growth was in the 2020 year. Buying ₿in March 2020 at a price of $5000 could increase your investment by more than 580%. But will the rally continue in 2021?

Is Bitcoin a good investment in 2021?


But besides the staggering growth, Bitcoin is the most widely used digital currency. A huge number of online stores accept ₿ for payment. Moreover, investors started adding e-money to their financial assets. So this is a big step in the development and popularization of e-currencies.

Cryptocurrency has become a new investment option. While stock markets and oil prices are falling, such risky assets are attracting investors. But don't jump on this train. After such an active growth, the price of bitcoin should go down. The cost is expected to decrease by 15-25% in the first half of 2021. And closer to fall, experts predict growth to $100,000. However, don’t wait for the right moment.

There is a less risky option to make money on crypto by promoting affiliate programs. CPA networks offer a powerful way to earn money. Payouts reach $ 1000 for the first deposit! But this is not another way to quickly and easily make a bank. Like any other niche, crypto offers have their own features.

How to make money with Bitcoin

Crypto affiliate programs are a way to make money by attracting investors or customers to crypto exchanges, crypto arbitrage, cloud mining services, as well as to exchangers and ICO projects. Such affiliate programs are beneficial for both affiliates and owners of sites and communities who get an excellent opportunity to use traffic from their own resources.

Crypto offers are booming today. Bitcoin, Ethereum, mining, ICO - all this and much more from the crypto industry is relevant for working with affiliate programs in the crypto niche. The target audience of these offers are men over 30 who want to make quick money. The geography of offers covers most of the countries. There are different conversion types: registration, first deposit, investing in a project, connecting to cryptocurrency mining and other actions.


Crypto affiliate niches

There are many other sub-niches in this vertical: training offers (learning to trade), crypto arbitrage, a blog with crypto news, investments, trading, auto trading (trading with bots). Today we will tell you about the most profitable in our opinion sub-niche - crypto trading offers. How does it work? You attract a user to the trading platform, he replenishes the balance and starts trading - buying, selling cryptocurrencies, and engaging in margin trading. Accordingly, the trading platform charges a commission for this, and you get a percentage of this commission. An active user has a lot of deals, so you can make huge amounts of money on just one user! The main thing is that there is no deception for the user, he can even earn together with you and withdraw the balance. What can not be said about other offers, since there are a lot of scam offers on the crypto market that we do not recommend working with.

Traffic sources for crypto affiliate programs

Facebook and Google bans advertising related to cryptocurrency products. So you need to be able to cloak your ads from bots. It takes a certain amount of time and money. Advertising on your own sites - great option if you already have one. Otherwise, the SEO promotion can take months.

The best option for quick start is launching an ad campaign with ClickAdilla. We have 10 ad formats and a wide range of targeting options. We would recommend starting with web push and popunder ads.


The simplest and most effective advertising format. You can quickly launch an ad campaign. Just insert your referral link and add the required tracking parameters. Create campaigns separately for each country, device (mobile, desktop or tablet) to simplify the analysis of campaign performance in the future.

Or you can use our new feature - CPA Goal. This is a smart algorithm, which helps advertisers to get conversions at the target price. In addition to the fact that you do not need to create multiple campaigns for one offer, you can reduce the costs of your advertising campaign and increase your ROI.

Landing and pre-landing pages are critical, since they help to increase the user’s excitement and engagement.

Web push

If a browser window can be closed by a user and remains unnoticed, then the push message will be seen by a user with 99% probability. And unlike popunder ads, the journey of push ads begins with creative work.

Here are examples of web push creatives:


Their display varies depending on the platform

Show users a luxury lifestyle pictures: a sports car, girls, money etc. All that they can reach with your ‘Crypto offer’. Use emojis, figures, clickbait titles to make a message more engaging.

Some text ideas:

✔️ Want to Become a ₿ Millionaire?

✔️ 📲 Make Money with BTC on your phone.

✔️ ₿ Do You Want More Money?

✔️ 📈 $19’770 you could with BTC earn per 2 months.

✔️ How to become Rich in the Crypto market Without Trading?

✔️ 💡 Get Rich by following the advice of a Bitcoin millionaire.

➡️ Get more tips on how to create a web push ad creative.

Test several images, icons, titles and descriptions to improve your ad campaign. The Smart-rotator will help you with this. This feature defines the best-performing creative based on CTR. You can set up the number of impressions and time before determining the best one. As soon as one of the metrics is achieved, the best creative remains displayed.

Another useful feature that helps advertisers to cut costs is the Smart CPM. This is a bidding system, based on CPM. The SmartCPM evaluates your bid compared to other advertisers and makes it as low as possible. For example, your bid is $0.15. The next advertiser has a bid of $0.05. Since you are the winner, your bid becomes a certain coefficient higher than the next bid in the auction. In this case, you save $0.09 on each bid.

Cost of advertising

We sell traffic on CPM or CPC. Cost per 1000 impressions or click depends on the GEO, ad format, device and competition for the selected target.

Use the Traffic chart to check traffic volume and bids for each GEO.

The most popular GEOs for crypto-offer promotion in our ad network are: Germany, France, Spain, Italy and USA. These are countries that have high-income economies. Apart from these, we recommend creating campaigns for the following countries: Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Japan, Belgium, Poland, Singapore. You’ll find a lot of traffic for these GEOs in our network, and most importantly there you can potentially get a lot of conversions.


The crypto, although a complex vertical, is one of the most profitable. Where else can you find payouts of $ 1000 per conversion? Therefore, we can recommend this vertical if you work or have worked with gambling, betting, binary options, then it will be much easier for you to switch to the side of crypto offers. If you know how to work with some source, then try to launch a crypto offer with it. This approach is likely to bear fruit. The main thing is to use the right approach, landing pages and creatives.

The majority of people have not invested in cryptocurrencies yet. Conversion potential is huge.

Have a question about crypto offers? Don’t hesitate to contact your account manager on Skype. Or ask live-chat support for technical information. We’re here to help you 24/7.

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