Benefits of Pre-Roll ads

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benefits of pre roll ads

Pre-Roll adverts guarantee 100% viewability. Pre-Rolls help marketers to create a brand more noticeable and reach the loyalty of potential clients

What are Pre-Roll video ad? Pre-Roll ad is a type of in-stream ad. There are also Mid-Roll and Post-Roll.

As the name implies, Pre-Roll plays before the featured clip. Skippable Pre-Roll is the most effective ad type. This type of ad doesn’t annoy users by interrupting the content like a Mid-Roll.

The popularity of video advertising on TV all over the world is declining from year to year. Obviously it will be out of the game soon. Media buyers shift to programmatic video advertising. Better Internet loading speeds, the ability to evaluate the performance of ad campaigns, more effective audience targeting and a low entry threshold make programmatic video advertising more preferable for advertisers. In this article we will talk about the most effective digital clip ad format - In-Stream Pre-roll.

So what are the benefits of Pre-Roll ads?

We can highlight some general features of Pre-Rolls to explain why this advertising format is so effective.

And first of all it is the possibility to make your offer more recognizable. It means you can get the benefits not on a one-off basis, but in the future as well. The matter is your potential customers will definitely watch a couple of seconds at the start of your Pre-Roll ads. Surely, there is no guarantee he or she will watch it till the end, though a viewer would remember the brand with high probability.

You can show your Pre-Roll adverts to users many times, so if a user faces your clips more and more then there is a high possibility he or she would get interested in the offer and click on it.

Since your ad is guaranteed to be viewed, you’ll get a high viewability of your commercial. Even if viewers skip your ad, they've already been exposed to your brand, product or service. Users will be able to click on the skip button after a while. The minimum skip time is 5 seconds.

Pre-Roll advertising is extremely effective for growing brand awareness.Running an ad before the users' desired content means the audience is likely still engaged, interested, and willing to sit through a brief ad to get to the content they want to see.

A user should watch your ads before continuing the action on websites. Watching a Pre-Roll ad can be more comfortable for users than reading a text of your creatives, so there are more chances he or she would pay attention to the key information. If you create good clips and include the main information in several seconds then users can understand the benefits and click on your ads to learn more. Or it would take some time for your audience to analyze the offer and then users would probably click on it after facing your clip again.

Plenty of views till the end. It’s easier to reach this goal if you spend more time creating interesting advertising campaigns. Your clip should attract attention in a matter of seconds. If the first impression occurs effectively then users would watch your Pre-Roll ad till the end with great probability.

Surely there is one disadvantage of this advertising format. Users can skip the Pre-Roll ads quickly. This problem can be solved if you prepare a quality advertisement which can take the attention within the first seconds. How to reach it?

How to encourage users to watch your Pre-Roll video ad?

As we wrote above, take more time to prepare your advertisement. Try to analyze your target audience, what kind of problems can be solved with your offer. You should show the benefits which potential customers can get if they click on your advertising campaign.

Users are tired of useless ads so you should show advantages in the first 5 seconds to catch their attention. It can encourage users to keep watching till the end.

You should analyze others’ successful creatives as well. The scene of your Pre-Roll ads should be curious to watch, prepare a storyline. Such preparations may stimulate users not to skip the video ad. There are cases when users aren’t interested in your offer but a unique memorable clip can inspire them to click on the link to get to know the product better.  

New Pre-Rolls features

There is a useful feature on ClickAdilla and we want to mention it. It is a customizable skip time. It gives you the possibilities to select the required skip time - minimum 15 seconds with no limits of maximum duration. According to the experience of our affiliate marketers we can recommend the skip time among 20-30 seconds.

The feature is available for all video ad types:

  • The standard type of clips uploaded to our server
  • Motion banner

How to create Pre-Roll adverts?

In some cases 30 seconds Rre-Rolls will better stimulate viewers to purchase. That's true that longer clips give more creative space. However, the higher the skip time you set - the higher CPM (cost-per-mile) will be. Choose the required skip time based on the promotional clips. If you fit the essence of your product in the first 10 seconds, then there is no point in prolonged skip.

Top performing niches for Video Pre-Rolls with ClickAdilla traffic

- Dating and WebCams
- Nutra
- Adult
- Movie trailers
- Video games
- Betting and Gambling

How to promote OnlyFans without social media

how to promote onlyfans without social media

Besides these topics, promotion of OnlyFans accounts gained in popularity. Video Pre-Rolls are great for OnlyFans promotion. We allow adult content, unlike social networks like Facebook and Instagram which block posts that contain nude or sexual images.

There are a lot of cases when Influencers successfully leveraged this marketing channel to gain new followers and paid subscribers. Just upload short teasers of your video content and run a video Pre-Roll campaign!

Best alternative to Youtube

In case you have your own channel, then you can promote your clips on our video advertising platform. We embed a player for this social media with your clips on different traffic sources, so it looks like a regular noticeable social platform’s player with all buttons.

Our prices are much lower than those offered by other suppliers and the social media itself. Average cost per 1000 views is $0.7. That’s 10 times cheaper than the cost of advertising directly on the social media platform.

Benefits of Youtube video promotion with ClickAdilla:

  • High volume of traffic without bots. 100% real views.
  • Cheap views for your content.
  • 9 targeting options.
  • You can set up spending limits per hour, day or campaign.
  • Detailed statistics.
  • Live-chat support 24/7.

How to start buying views on your content for Youtube cheap?

1. Register at
2. Top up your account. 
3. Contact your account manager.
4. Provide us the clip’s link that you want to promote.
5. Get VAST-tag from the manager.
6.Create the campaign yourself, or with the help of the manager.
6. Watch your view count grow!

Get traffic steadily for each new clip on your channel during a month to achieve the best results.

TOP regions for Video In-Stream traffic in ClickAdilla

ClickAdilla is a powerful video advertising platform that allows advertisers to reach users globally. We provide over 1 billion impressions daily from all regions. About 50% of all traffic comes from Europe and North America. As for the countries, the TOP -10 includes the following:

1. India
2. USA
3. Indonesia
4. Japan
5. Germany
6. France
7. United Kingdom
8. Italy
9. Brazil
10. Spain

Video pre roll trafficclickadilla ad network chart

An average cost per 1000 impressions is $0.39. You can check the traffic volume and min prices on your dashboard.

5 tips that will help you to increase CTR for video Rre-Rolls

1. Increase skip duration
According to statistics, the 30-seconds clip has CTR up to 0.21%. CTR for 15-second adverts has only 0.13%.

2. Keep it short
It is very important to grab users attention from the first seconds. Make a content that would engage the viewer and keep them intrigued.

3. Use emotions.
The emotional impact of video ads is essential. Make sure your content evokes any emotion in the viewer. It could be fear, empathy, humor, sexual appeal and others.

4. Provide solutions.
People are most strongly motivated when they have a problem that needs to be solved.

5. Call-to-action
Users need to understand what to do. Add a clear message, for example: “Click now to get a bonus!”.

Look at these Pre-Roll adverts. Marketers went beyond standards and turned the skip button into a “real” obstacle on the road. Using a Youtube tailored content you can lift ad recall and make your clip going viral.


To sum it all up, Pre-Roll adverts are effective for promotion of products and services online. Programmatic video advertising platforms have made it easier to launch ad campaigns. Publishers sell traffic and advertisers buy it through the ClickAdilla ad network.

We offer a great alternative to Youtube. On our platform you can buy views for this famous social video platform at affordable prices. Create a VAST or VPAID-tag to launch an ad campaign. Reach out to your account manager for help.

To make the most of in-stream ads, you have to make an engaging promo clip. Follow the video advertising trends and use our tips to succeed! You can launch an ad campaign even without a ready-made clip. With our motion banner tool you can create it in 5 minutes!

Regardless of the ad format, the process always consists of: 1.Test 2.Learn 3.Iterate.

We wish you to get brilliant results of your campaigns with Pre-Roll ads and ClickAdilla works for helping you reach it even more effectively!


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